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Obsidian Workstation
Stable. Dependable. Business class.
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The Puget Systems Obsidian is built from a hand-selected line of the industry's highest quality system components. It is built on Intel’s E3 series of Xeon processors, which provides ECC memory support, and we scoured our product line for the most reliable parts to fill in the options for each category. If you are operating a business or in any position where hardware reliability and uptime is critical, you can rest assured that the Obsidian contains only the best of the best when it comes to PC components! Because we limit the hardware in the Obsidian in this manner, we are also able to offer a level of service unmatched among our other computer lines. We can provide expedited, full system replacements in the rare event that an Obsidian fails during its parts warranty if a quicker solution is not available.

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System Core
Motherboard Asus P9D WS (Intel C226 ATX) [edit]
Video Card
Sound Card Onboard Sound [edit]
Networking802.11ac (867Mbps) WiFi/Bluetooth PCI-E Card [add $73.35]
Hard Drive
Second Hard Drive
Third Hard Drive
Removable DriveAtech USB 3.0 Memory Card Reader (5.25 inch) + PCI-E Controller [add $137.28]
Case / Cooling
Case Fractal Design Define R5 (titanium grey) [edit]
Power Supply Seasonic X 650W (80 PLUS Gold) [edit]
CPU Cooling Cooler Master Hyper TX3 (Intel 1150) [edit]
Additional CoolingAdditional Chassis Fan [add $21.00]
Arctic Cooling MX-2 Thermal Compound Upgrade
Case Mods2-port eSATA bracket [add $12.90]
Software: Productivity
Software: MultimediaCyberlink PowerDVD 14 Ultra (Plays Blu-Ray Movies) [add $90.48]
Ext. DriveFREE Automatic Backup Set-Up [add $0.00]
500GB Slim USB3 Hard Drive [add $123.42]
1TB Slim USB3 Hard Drive [add $181.13]
2TB USB3 Hard Drive [add $186.63]
4TB USB3 Hard Drive [add $269.79]
6TB USB3 Hard Drive [add $376.03]
120GB Mini USB3 SSD Drive [add $189.47]
250GB Mini USB3 SSD Drive [add $223.69]
500GB Mini USB3 SSD Drive [add $361.48]
1TB Mini USB3 SSD Drive [add $639.34]
AccessoriesAsus TPM Module FW3.19 [add $20.12]
APC 750VA, 450W Power Backup [add $151.49]
Cables and AdaptersAsus COM Serial Port Bracket [add $8.41]
Asus LPT Parallel Port Bracket [add $8.41]
Warranty Obsidian Warranty: Lifetime Labor and Tech Support, 3 Year Parts, Obsidian Advance Replacement [edit]
Onsite Services
Software / Preferences
Courtesy Install
Note: Offered for your convenience. No technical support.
Chrome [add $0.00]
Firefox [add $0.00]
Acrobat Reader [add $0.00]
LibreOffice Suite [add $0.00]
Microsoft Security Essentials Antivirus [add $0.00]
Windows 8 Makeover: Emulate Windows 7 [add $0.00]

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