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Spirit PC
A general purpose desktop with incredible upgrade potential.
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The Puget Systems Spirit is a great all-around custom computer system, with a variety of options and lots of room to expand or upgrade in the future. It uses the fourth generation Core processors series, code named “Haswell”. It offers Core i5 and i7 CPUs, which are all quad-cores, with built-in Intel HD 4600 graphics. It can be configured as a high performance gaming computer, by simply selecting one of the powerful video card choices, or serve equally well as a business / office system, a home computer for the family, a media editing system, or anything in-between. The Asus motherboard supports a wide range of connectivity, including both USB 2.0 and 3.0, VGA, DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort (for the Intel graphics), Ethernet, and audio - plus it supports both SLI and Crossfire video card combinations. Fractal Design’s Arc Midi R2 chassis is flexible, with room for many drives as well as a highly configurable fan layout.

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System Core
Motherboard Asus Z97-A (Intel Z97 ATX) [edit]
Video Card
Sound Card
ControllersFirewire 400/800 PCI-E Card [add $48.52]
Asus ThunderboltEX II PCI-E [add $89.26]
Networking802.11ac (867Mbps) WiFi/Bluetooth PCI-E Card [add $67.89]
Hard Drive
Second Hard Drive
Third Hard Drive
Removable DriveAtech USB 3.0 Memory Card Reader (5.25 inch) + PCI-E Controller [add $128.78]
USB Floppy Drive [add $27.69]
Case / Cooling
Power Supply Antec TruePower 650W (80 PLUS Bronze) [edit]
CPU Cooling Cooler Master Hyper TX3 (Intel 1150) [edit]
Additional CoolingAdditional Chassis Fan [add $21.00]
Arctic Cooling MX-2 Thermal Compound Upgrade
Software: Productivity
Software: MultimediaArcSoft TotalMedia Theater 6 (Plays Blu-Ray Movies) [add $39.23]
Cyberlink PowerDVD 13 Ultra (Plays Blu-Ray Movies) [add $107.03]
Software: GamesAMD Game Bundle: 1 FREE Game w/ AMD 240 or 250 series GPU [add $0.00]
AMD Game Bundle: 2 FREE Games w/ AMD 260 or 270 series GPU [add $0.00]
AMD Game Bundle: 3 FREE Games w/ AMD 280 or 290 series GPU [add $0.00]
INTEL Bundle: FREE GRID, Shadowrun, McAfee w/ Intel Core i5/i7 CPU [add $0.00]
INTEL Game Bundle: FREE Final Fantasy XIV w/ Intel Core i3/i5/i7 CPU [add $0.00]
NVIDIA Bundle: FREE $150 Free-to-Play Credit w/ GTX 750/700M/800M [add $0.00]
NVIDIA Bundle: FREE Borderlands game w/ NVIDIA GTX 770 or better [add $0.00]
Ext. DriveFREE Automatic Backup Set-Up [add $0.00]
Available only with the purchase of an external hard drive. Puget Systems will
configure your external hard drive to automatically back up your data and OS.
500GB Slim USB3 Hard Drive [add $115.82]
2TB USB3 Hard Drive [add $176.24]
1TB Slim USB3 Hard Drive [add $184.38]
4TB USB3 Hard Drive [add $271.55]
6TB USB3 Hard Drive [add $376.03]
120GB Mini USB3 SSD Drive [add $179.07]
250GB Mini USB3 SSD Drive [add $262.28]
500GB Mini USB3 SSD Drive [add $410.46]
1TB Mini USB3 SSD Drive [add $711.58]
AccessoriesAPC 750VA, 450W Power Backup [add $146.07]
Software / Preferences
Courtesy Install
Note: Offered for your convenience. No technical support.
Acrobat Reader [add $0.00]
LibreOffice Suite [add $0.00]
AvastFree Antivirus [add $0.00]
Windows 8 Makeover: Emulate Windows 7 [add $0.00]

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