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Puget Traverse Pro 15 inch
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The Puget Systems Traverse Pro line of laptops is built for the highest performance possible using mobile hardware. This 15-inch version of the Traverse Pro has a HD screen (1920x1080) along with room for one 2.5-inch internal drive, two mSATA drives, and an optical drive. A caddy is available, upon special request, to allow a second internal drive in place of the optical as well. It utilizes Intelís mobile Haswell processors along with a selection of powerful video cards from NVIDIA. Higher memory totals are also available compared to many other laptops, with configurations of up to 32GB, and a wider range of connectivity with options like Firewire, DisplayPort, and more. The keyboard has multi-color LED backlighting as well, ideal for gamers and those using their computers in low-light situations. The size of this model retains some level of portability, but to get full performance from the video card you need to be plugged into a power outlet.

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System Core
Motherboard Puget M565i 15 inch Notebook
Laptop Screen
Video Card
NetworkingIntel WiFi 802.11ac & Bluetooth Mini-PCIe [add $39.90]
Hard Drive
Second Hard Drive
Case / Cooling
Additional CoolingArctic Cooling MX-2 Thermal Compound Upgrade
Software: SecurityAbsolute LoJack for Laptops (Standard, 3 Year) [add $108.85]
Software: Productivity
Software: MultimediaCyberlink PowerDVD 14 Ultra (Plays Blu-Ray Movies) [add $90.48]
Software: GamesINTEL Bundle: 4 FREE Software Items w/ Intel Core i7 CPU [add $0.00]
NVIDIA Bundle: FREE Metal Gear Solid V w/ NVIDIA GTX 970M or 980M [add $0.00]
Ext. DriveFREE Automatic Backup Set-Up [add $0.00]
1TB Slim USB 3.1 Hard Drive [add $181.13]
2TB USB 3.1 Hard Drive [add $190.73]
4TB USB 3.1 Hard Drive [add $280.01]
6TB USB 3.1 Hard Drive [add $386.74]
AccessoriesWiDi Wireless Display Adapter (ActionTek ScreenBeam Mini2) [add $81.98]
Asus USB 3.0 Dual Display Docking Station [add $206.66]
Carrying Case (Puget V5, M5 series) [add $62.23]
Extra 8-Cell Battery (Puget M560i) [add $129.60]
Cables and AdaptersGeneral Car Adapter (300W AC Power Inverter) [add $62.73]
Spare AC Adapter (Puget M560i) [add $137.28]
ServicesTraverse Custom Vinyl Skin [add $52.50]
Traverse 30-Day Zero Dead Pixel Warranty [add $85.30]
Datacolor Spyder5elite w/ Traverse Factory Screen Calibration [add $337.50]
Traverse SED Disk Encryption (AES 256-bit) [add $36.00]
Traverse Identification Laser Etching [add $42.70]
Traverse Webcam/Microphone Removal Service [add $44.38]
Software / Preferences
Courtesy Install
Note: Offered for your convenience. No technical support.
Chrome [add $0.00]
Firefox [add $0.00]
NVIDIA Geforce Experience [add $0.00]
CUDA Installation [add $0.00]
Acrobat Reader [add $0.00]
LibreOffice Suite [add $0.00]
Microsoft Security Essentials Antivirus [add $0.00]

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