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AMD Opteron (G34) 6386 SE 16-Core 2.8GHz 140W

AMD Opteron (G34) 6386 SE 16-Core 2.8GHz 140W Picture 21921

Background on AMD Opteron 6200-series CPU (4-way)

The AMD Opteron 6200-series processors feature four to sixteen cores per CPU, and can be used in two- or four-way configurations. Each pair of cores is actually two integer processing units with a shared floating point unit, but this focus on integer performance allows substantial increases in the processing capability of the whole computer under most workloads. The sheer number of cores available on this platform make it great for servers and high-performance computing, especially with software that is built to run in parallel. These configurations are also ideal if massive amounts of RAM are needed.

Using a four CPU setup with these processors will give you up to 64 cores to work with, but the massive motherboard needed limits case selection. A two CPU motherboard is much more manageable in size, giving additional chassis options, and provides up to 32 cores.


Product Line  Opteron 6300
Code Name  Piledriver
Socket  G34
Process  32 nm
Number of Cores  16
Clock Speed  2.8 GHz
Turbo Boost  No
Turbo Core  Yes
Max. Turbo Core  3.5 GHz
Bus Type  HyperTransport
Thermal Output  140 W
L2  8 x 2MB
L3  16MB
Memory Specification
Memory Type  DDR3
Maximum Frequency  1600

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Configure a custom computer with the AMD Opteron (G34) 6386 SE 16-Core 2.8GHz 140W.