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We design and build high end custom computers.

  • near-perfect quality assurance
    - Albert
  • Puget doesn't just deliver an expertly configured system built with care, they deliver peace of mind. From start to finish, they don't merely tell you they are doing a good job - they show you!
    - Joe Romero
  • They worked with me every step of the way
    - Lucas A. C.
  • They definitely give the best all-around value.
    - Tom Wujek
  • The build quality of this machine is close to perfect.
    - HardOCP
  • In addition to their excellent website, Jon Bach, Puget's founder and owner was a patient and competent resource in the final tuning of my purchase decision and was always quick to return calls or e-mails of inquiry.
    - Alex Sinclair
  • When you build your computer and ask for their review they will tell you that you may have a component that is an overkill and suggest another even if it's at a lower cost meaning a saving to you.
    - Michael Rogers
  • The product is stunning and the issues I brought to tech support were resolved most professionally. Changing operating systems with legacy apps presents challenges handily met.
    - James Bruce
  • What set Puget apart from other custom builders I talked with was their team members' specialized knowledge of not just video editing, but the specific ins-and-outs of the software I use most, DaVinci Resolve.
    - Nathan Cole
  • The Serenity Mini SPCR Edition is another worthy addition to Puget's lineup of super-quiet PC offerings. Like its precessors, this sample is superbly assembled, provides great performance and remains extremely quiet in our test conditions.
    - Silent PC Review
  • The sales approach use by Puget Systems staff is very supportive and I quickly realized I was in the good hands of a consultant who cared about me. I had a few questions, mostly about compatibility, which were addressed accurately, sometimes even aft
    - John Retherford
  • This ethic is clearly evident in the total absence of vaporware, ghostware, crippleware and other crap typical of "brand new" systems. What a delight it is to get a clean system from the start. I love this company.
    - Joe Romero
  • The slightly higher cost of buying a custom built PC from them was well worth it.
    - Mike Cerasuolo
  • Puget handled all my questions and concerns (especially with the actual purchase), and I have a wonderful machine at a great price without a need for upgrades for a long time.
    - José Felix
  • With Puget, you can specify everything you want at some of the lowest costs out there.
    - Shawn McCutcheon
  • Wilson was a magnificent help both selecting and managing the construction of the best computer for my needs
    - Fabio A.
  • I was very pleased with the packaging. I was worried that things might shake loose during shipping but the packing was immaculate and everything worked perfectly. The documentation binder is probably the most thorough I've ever seen.
    - Matthew Garner
  • Jeff from Puget was very helpful: recommending some changes that better suited my needs, recommending that some of my features weren't really necessary for my purposes
    - Joe Conaty
  • This company will go above and beyond your expectations and dreams, to make sure you are a satisfied and happy customer. No other company would go that far for a customer.
    - Dan A.
  • I liked the fact that I could track the progress of my build on their site.
    - Michael OQuin
  • It's just as you'd expect on the inside, clean and organized.
    - G4 Attack of the Show
  • The customer service that I experienced through the process of ordering this computer was completely unexpected.
    - Matt Hard
  • Puget Systems is a great company that provides tremendous value and support, and has earned our customer loyalty.
    - Laura Henry
  • I have needed help solving a registry problem that I had with Vista. I am thankful that I purchased it from Puget because their customer service folks are exceptional.
    - Ken Lash
  • They provide an old-school binder manual, recovery disks and drive, and a flawlessly built PC -- tidy cable management, lots of efficient and quiet cooling, and great parts.
    - Steven Serdikoff

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