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We design and build high end custom computers.

  • The process online as specific team members built my system from the ground up was a treat to watch. This communicated pride of ownership for that part of the process and reinforced the overall value proposition of Puget!
    - Anonymous
  • I wouldn't have ever thought to request such things, but they are useful.
    - Jeff Terrell
  • He always made sure that I payed the lowest price possible, while still receiving a PC that could do what I wanted.
    - David Gladson
  • I ordered the system and it arrived better packaged than any computer I had ever bought over the internet.
    - Rick Beall
  • After 35 years of dealing with the whole range of computer manufacturers, I can say unequivocally that my experience with Puget Systems has been by far the best.
    - Paul Youngstrom
  • From the top quality laptop...to the outstanding customer service that was with me from beginning to end and later on in the process of building and using the machine; I have never been more impressed by a company.
    - Matthew Damante
  • Overall I would give Puget Custom Computers a 9.9/10, and I will certainly use them again.
    - T David Swindle
  • They answered all my dumb questions with spot-on-accurate answers and with cordial good humor. I recommend Puget highly.
    - Oliver LeBlanc
  • Puget Systems used 2 boxes, Styrofoam and suspended the box inside another box with a even more durable Styrofoam inside that box. Impressed with all the attention to detail, much appreciated!
    - Mike Klarich
  • It was nice to find a company that is both knowlegable about their products, and very customer oriented.
  • PCC, you did it again! My 2nd system from you, a Sager 9890 with all the goodies, is better than I could have imagined.
    - Patrick Healy
  • Puget Systems delivered on schedule.
    - Bill Esch
  • Its high-quality components, along with the Intel motherboard inside, work together so well that the Genesis II delivers a remarkable return on investment. Its performance was, in a word, spectacular.
    - Studio Daily Magazine
  • he helped me save money and was able to eliminate components I didn't need
    - Tom Wujek
  • The included binder and notes helped make the set-up in my office totally headache-free.
    - Chris L
  • Everything about the company reflects quality and customer service. Start with their webpage, their instant online chat service without hard-sell, and their follow-through after the order was placed.
    - Tomas Schwabe
  • Even though it is a gaming computer running the most powerful gaming card currently available, the Fractal Design Define R5 case makes the computer - dead - quiet.
    - Anonymous
  • He went above and beyond the call of duty and helped me find my way through trouble shooting the connections. He was determine, thoughtful and helped me figure everything out. As long as I use PC's I'll be buying from Puget.
    - Anonymous
  • I was rather surprised to get a response as quickly as I did
    - Mike Cerasuolo
  • The attention to detail and orderliness when you open the box is impressive. Every cable is neatly routed and fastened in place.
    - Kenneth Lash
  • Beautifully built, exactly as ordered
    - Michael Stern
  • This is my second system purchase. All the same praise applies as the first time I bought: good pre-purchase advice, a fair price, on-time delivery (to the East Coast), and hardware that works just fine.
    - David Hochman
  • My final sales rep was Jeff Stubbers. They were fully willing to discuss all my pre-sale (and post-sale)questions. And made suggestions to help me get the machine I wanted, balancing price with features (and weight).
    - Sandy Hamm
  • I have built computers for years, and I can tell you I couldn't build one as near as well as they did.
    - Lance Ripplinger
  • The components used are top-notch, I've never seen such a neat, good looking tower interior as what I got.
    - Armando Picciotto

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