The HPC Podcast #12 — Intel Python (and Supercomputing 15!)

Don and I sit down after a holiday hiatus to talk about an interesting development. Intel has announced they are going to maintain a build of Python. Good news for a language that has been around for a long time.

We also discuss our time at Supercomputing 2015 and FPGAs.

HPC and Cloud Growth

In this episode of The HPC Podcast, Chris and Don discuss the iPhone as a catalyst for the technologies that power the cloud and HPC.

The HPC Podcast #6 — Intel buys Altera

In this episode, Chris and Don explore the recent acquisition of Altera, by Intel for $16.7 billion in cash. The possibilities for developers are interesting, and the implications for OpenPOWER even more so.

HPC Podcast #3 — GTC Recap

Don and Chris come back from GTC impressed and ready to give you the scoop on what they learned. Topics discussed include: the GPU Technology Conference (GTC), Titan-X, CUDA, OpenPOWER and OpenACC.