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One of the core values of Puget Systems is transparency

We detest hype in the midst of an industry that is full of it. Our mission is to provide the highest quality hardware and consultation services to our customers, and to back up our decisions by freely sharing what we've learned along the way. To earn a place in our product line, a computer component undergoes rigorous testing. We apply the results of our testing, along with our years of experience in learning reliability trends and manufacturer characteristics, to make prudent decisions about what we can put our name behind, whether that's an individual part or an entire computer. With the following articles, we are writing up the results of these internal processes and discussions, and taking them public. We feel we can take this on with a unique perspective as we evaluate each topic with the experience, resources, and objectivity of a system builder. If there is a topic you'd like us to write about, email us at !
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Intel Z370 vs Z390 Chipset Comparison

Written on October 8, 2018 by William George

We take a look at the differences between the Intel Z370 chipset, launched in 2017, and the updated Z390 that launched in 2018. What features does the newer version add?

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How to Protect Your System from Viruses/Malware

Written on February 2, 2018 by Beth Smasal

A helpful overview of the many ways you can protect your system from malware and keep your data safe.

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An Introduction to Understanding 8-bit vs. 10-bit Hardware

Written on July 17, 2017 by Jeff Stubbers

If you are a photo or video editor wondering if you should go with 8-bit or 10-bit hardware, this article is for you!