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William George (Product Development)

What Happened to High End Desktop (HEDT) Processors?

Written on May 9, 2022 by William George

For several years, both AMD and Intel have offered five general categories of CPUs: Mobile, Consumer Desktop, High-End Desktop, Server, and Workstation. Something strange has been happening to the middle segment, though: HEDT processors are disappearing!

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William George (Product Development)

Hardware Popularity in Puget Systems Workstations

Written on April 25, 2022 by William George

A quick look at what hardware components have been popular in workstations we have sold here at Puget Systems over the last six months.

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William George (Product Development)

Hardware Trends of 2021

Written on December 22, 2021 by William George

A look back at the trends we've seen in hardware sales here at Puget Systems over the last year.

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Jon Bach (President)

Puget Systems Capability and Supply Update

Written on September 8, 2021 by Jon Bach

Back in March 2020, I shared a blog post similar to many other companies at the time, that talked about the impacts of COVID-19 on our business. It feels like a lifetime has passed since then! It is time to give another update on what we're seeing in the technology industry, and what we are doing in response.

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William George (Product Development)

State of the CPU

Written on July 21, 2021 by William George

Earlier this year I wrote about AMD's comeback, as their processors were being included in more than half of the workstations we sold. It has been a few months now, marked by a lot of hardware shortages in this industry, so I wanted to revisit the situation and look at some additional metrics regarding CPU sales here at Puget Systems.

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William George (Product Development)

How We Handle Peripherals Is Changing

Written on March 9, 2021 by William George

Since our founding, more than twenty years ago, Puget Systems has offered a small selection of keyboards, mice, and other accessories for purchase and use with our computers. The exact categories and models we have carried changed over time, of course, but it was always just an assumed part of our business - after all, people need input devices, displays, backup drives, etc. But what if that isn't actually the best approach for our customers?

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William George (Product Development)

AMD - Return of the King?

Written on March 9, 2021 by William George

Back in 2015, we quietly dropped AMD processor options from our workstations. At the time, I wrote a post explaining what had happened, and ended it with a hope that AMD would come back someday with a more competitive CPU. That did, in fact, happen - and over the last couple of years we have seen them surge back into our product line with a vengeance!

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Jeff Stubbers (Technology Consultant Lead)

Does Puget Systems Offer a Rush Service?

Written on August 20, 2020 by Jeff Stubbers

If you are looking to get expedited service for getting your computer from Puget Systems more quickly, this is the post for you!

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DJ Bailey (Marketing Coordinator)

My Experience Joining the Team at Puget Systems

Written on May 13, 2020 by DJ Bailey

Have you ever wondered what it's like to work for Puget Systems? As one of Puget's newest Technology Consultants, and with barely five months under my belt, I may not have as nuanced an insight into the company's inner workings than some of my peers.

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Jeff Stubbers (Technology Consultant Lead)

Does Puget Systems Offer Payment Plans?

Written on May 12, 2020 by Jeff Stubbers

If you are wondering about payment options when purchasing a system from Puget Systems, this is the post for you!

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Geno Rosario (Technology Consultant)

A New Normal

Written on May 6, 2020 by Geno Rosario

Quarantine life has hit all of us pretty drastically. At first, it was a bit of a shock to realize that businesses were even thinking about shutting down. “Is this real?” “There’s no way the virus could be that deadly, right?”

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Jeff Stubbers (Technology Consultant Lead)

The Puget Systems Consulting Experience: What You Can Expect

Written on April 14, 2020 by Jeff Stubbers

If you are not familiar with hardware, it can be scary reaching out to a company regarding a new computer. To help put your mind at ease, this post discusses what to expect when reaching out to Puget Systems.

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Jon Bach (President)

Puget Systems Response to Coronavirus

Written on March 10, 2020 by Jon Bach

The spread of COVD-19 is having significant impact on our company, and the computer industry as a whole. In this post, I'll fill you in on what's happening, and what we are doing to mitigate the impact, and keep YOU up and running!

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Jeff Stubbers (Technology Consultant Lead)

I run both Lightroom and Photoshop, which hardware should I choose?

Written on February 24, 2020 by Jeff Stubbers

Puget Systems lists Recommended Systems for Photoshop, and Recommended Systems for Lightroom. This is great when you are just running one of those programs, but which hardware should I use if I run both Lightroom & Photoshop?

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William George (Product Development)

New CPU Announcement: AMD Ryzen 9 3950X

Written on November 14, 2019 by William George

AMD has launched the top-end model in their 3rd gen Ryzen processor family, a 16-core processor named Ryzen 9 3950X! We've tested it across a wide range of real-world applications, and are very excited about being able to offer this CPU in our workstations after AMD releases it for sale November 25th, 2019.

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Matt Bach (Senior Puget Labs Technician)

Will Artificial Intelligence End up Replacing Creatives?

Written on November 5, 2019 by Matt Bach

At events like Adobe MAX, NAB, or SIGGRAPH, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is always a hot topic. Creatives love what it is already doing to speed up or enhance their work, but there is almost always an underlying fear that one day, AI will replace them. Is that a valid worry, or is AI just a fad that will pass?

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Brett Nordquist (Customer Experience Engineer)

Spending More

Written on August 30, 2019 by Brett Nordquist

"What do I get if I spend more?" This question comes up quite frequently when I'm speaking with customers, especially if they are considering upgrading from an older computer. I believe most people are referring to "more" performance, but that's not always the case.

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Brett Nordquist (Customer Experience Engineer)

Creating vs. Consuming

Written on February 10, 2019 by Brett Nordquist

One benefit that computers and the internet have brought to us is that they have made it easier than ever before to be creators.

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William George (Product Development)

Stop Directly Comparing CPU Specs

Written on August 8, 2017 by William George

Every time a new generation of CPUs is announced, I see a number of people writing about how they think it will be faster (or slower) than current technology because of the advertised specifications. CPU specs alone don't tell the whole story, though, and comparing core count and clock speed across different brands or generations of processors is extremely misleading. Stop doing it!

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William George (Product Development)

Intel & AMD: The 2017 CPU Wars

Written on June 16, 2017 by William George

AMD is releasing a whole spectrum of new CPUs this year, from the consumer oriented Ryzen to the server-class Epyc. In response, Intel has accelerated their normal processor release cadence and is putting out new products across the board as well. We are here to explain a bit about what is going on, what to look forward to, and whether it is worth waiting for.

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Brett Nordquist (Customer Experience Engineer)

Visiting Supercomputing 2016

Written on November 25, 2016 by Brett Nordquist

I made the trek to Salt Lake City to attend the Supercomputing conference. I've attended conferences both large and small going back 20 years, but nothing could prepare me for what I saw at Supercomputing. If you're not familiar with Supercomputing, it's an annual conference where scientists, researchers, and engineers gather to discuss high-performance computing, network storage and related technologies.

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William George (Product Development)

Titan X is dead, long live Titan X!

Written on July 22, 2016 by William George

Meet the all new Titan X, and don't get confused by the name

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Richard Falk (Customer Support)

Confusion Regarding Product Specifications -Part One

Written on June 30, 2016 by Richard Falk

Today I am discussing product specifications, and if they can truly be trusted. In Part One, I will be covering Hard Drives and CPUs.

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Eric Brown (Marketing Manager)

The Growing Puget Systems Community

Written on April 28, 2016 by Eric Brown

If you've been following us over the past few months you are probably well aware that we have been travelling quite a bit and have a lot of new projects going on. In fact, since the beginning of the year, we have traveled approximately 15,000 miles.. So what have we been up to?

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Jeff Stubbers (Technology Consultant Lead)

When will my system arrive?

Written on March 18, 2016 by Jeff Stubbers

Explanation of delivery days.