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Dr Donald Kinghorn (Scientific Computing Advisor)

TensorFlow Performance with 1-4 GPUs -- RTX Titan, 2080Ti, 2080, 2070, GTX 1660Ti, 1070, 1080Ti, and Titan V

Written on March 14, 2019 by Dr Donald Kinghorn

I have updated my TensorFlow performance testing. This post contains up-to-date versions of all of my testing software and includes results for 1 to 4 RTX and GTX GPU's. It gives a good comparative overview of most of the GPU's that are useful in a workstation intended for machine learning and AI development work.

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Dr Donald Kinghorn (Scientific Computing Advisor)

Intel Xeon W-3175X and i9 9990XE Linpack and NAMD on Ubuntu 18.04

Written on February 28, 2019 by Dr Donald Kinghorn

There are 2 recent Intel processors that are really strange, the Xeon W-3175X 28-core, and the Core i9 9990XE overclocked 14-core. I was able to get a little time in on the these processors. I ran a couple of numerical compute performance tests with the Intel MKL Linpack benchmark and NAMD. I used the same system image that I had used recently to look at 3 Intel 8-core processors so I will include those results here as well. **There will be results for W-3175, 9990XE, 9800X, W-2145, and 9900K**.

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Dr Donald Kinghorn (Scientific Computing Advisor)

RTX Titan TensorFlow performance with 1-2 GPUs (Comparison with GTX 1080Ti, RTX 2070, 2080, 2080Ti, and Titan V)

Written on January 30, 2019 by Dr Donald Kinghorn

I've done some testing with 2 NVIDIA RTX Titan GPU's running machine learning jobs with TensorFlow. The RTX Titan is a great card but there is good news and bad news.