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Episode 19 - Labs Open Office Hour: Matt Bach & William George - Intel 10th Gen CPU Launch

Posted in News on 05/22/2020 by Houston Bennett

This week, we have Labs team members Matt Bach and William George joining us to talk about the recent Intel 10th Gen CPU launch and what they found during their performance testing.

Puget Systems Podcast: Episode 18 - Workflow Wednesday - Jon Bach

Posted in News on 05/20/2020 by Houston Bennett

Today we talk with Puget Systems' President Jon Bach about his programming workflow!

Puget Systems Podcast: Episode 17 - Labs Open Office Hour - Kelly and Dr. Don

Posted in News on 05/15/2020 by Houston Bennett

In this week's Labs Office Hour, Puget Systems President Jon Bach takes the reigns as host, fielding questions, and keeping the conversation going with Kelly and Dr. Don talking about the latest GPU developments.

Puget Systems Podcast: Episode 16 - Workflow Wednesday - Mike Pecci

Posted in News on 05/13/2020 by Houston Bennett

Today we talk with director and host of the In Love With the Process Podcast, Mike Pecci about how he's found success with his podcast and everything that goes into creating the content and distributing it out to the world.

Puget Systems Podcast: Episode 15 - Labs Open Office Hour - Matt and Kelly

Posted in News on 05/08/2020 by Houston Bennett

For today's Open Office Hour, Matt Bach and Kelly Shipman join us to answer your questions about the Adobe Suite, 3D Modelling, and Game Development!

Puget Systems Podcast: Episode 14 - Workflow Wednesday - Ben Eshagpoor

Posted in News on 05/06/2020 by Houston Bennett

In our first Workflow Wednesday live stream we chat with multi-hyphenate filmmaker Ben Eshagpoor, of beMOTION.dESIGN, about the state of the motion design industry and what people can be doing to prepare for the future.

Puget Systems Podcast: Episode 13 - Labs Office Hour Live - William and Don

Posted in News on 05/01/2020 by Houston Bennett

In this episode, William George and Dr. Don Don Kinghorn talk a little about what they do for Puget Systems while answering some questions from the audience.

Puget Systems Podcast: Episode 12 - Matt Chat - Dave Helmly

Posted in News on 04/23/2020 by Houston Bennett

In this episode, Matt chats with Dave Helmly, Head of Strategic Development at Adobe, about a lot of nerdy details regarding Adobe's approach to new technologies, how they adapt to changes in hardware like GPU acceleration, multi-threading, AI/Machine Learning and more!

Puget Systems Podcast: Episode 11 - Matt Chat - Maxim Jago

Posted in News on 04/22/2020 by Houston Bennett

Matt Bach and Adobe Master Trainer and media technology specialist, Maxim Jago, discuss the trends and editorial opportunities for content creators now, and in the future, the long term effects of working remotely, 360 film making and virtual reality technology, and the wonderful positivity that comes out of creating.

Puget Systems Podcast: Episode 10 - Matt Chat - Paul Babb

Posted in News on 04/21/2020 by Houston Bennett

Matt chats with Paul Babb, Global Head of Community and Customer Experience at Maxon about the incredible opportunities for VFX artists, Maxon's acquisition of Redshift, as well as a brief look at the future of the industry.

Puget Systems Podcast: Episode 9 - Matt Chat - Michael Kammes

Posted in News on 04/20/2020 by Houston Bennett

Matt chats with Film & TV Media Engineer Michael Kammes, about the current state of editing in the cloud and what the future may hold for the industry as things progress toward a cloud-based workflow.

Puget Systems Podcast: Episode 8 - Live Round Table - Adjusting to Working From Home w/ Eric, Brett, Mike, Kevin

Posted in News on 04/17/2020 by Houston Bennett

Our host Eric Brown is joined by customer experience engineer Brett Nordquist, director Mike Pecci, and independent PR consultant Kevin Bourke to discuss some of the challenges that come with working remotely and how they've overcome those challenges.

Puget Systems Podcast: Episode 7 - Puget Podcast - Matt Bach

Posted in News on 04/13/2020 by Houston Bennett

Eric and Matt meet up at a local pub to dig a little deeper into the Labs process; what they do, why they do it, and how.

Puget Systems Podcast: Episode 6 - Matt Chat - Gary Adcock

Posted in News on 04/06/2020 by Houston Bennett

Senior Labs Technician Matt Bach chats with writer, producer, and visual artist Gary Adcock.

Puget Systems Podcast: Episode 5 - Dr. Don's Company of the Decade - Dr. Don Kinghorn

Posted in News on 03/30/2020 by Houston Bennett

After laying the groundwork in our previous episode, Dr. Kinghorn discusses the advances and major milestones in machine learning that have occurred over the past 10 years.

Puget Systems Podcast: Episode 4 - Dr. Don's Company of the Decade - Dr. Don Kinghorn

Posted in News on 03/25/2020 by Houston Bennett

Dr. Don Kinghorn talks a little about his background, how he came to be a part of the Puget Team and some early history of machine learning.

Press Release: Puget Systems Launches PugetBench for Adobe Creative Cloud

Posted in News on 02/25/2020 by Eric Brown

Auburn, WA (February 25, 2020) - Puget Systems (www.pugetsystems.com) today announced a new initiative - the PugetBench for Adobe® Creative Cloud®- to address the need for comprehensive, repeatable and consistent benchmark testing for the most popular applications used by creative professionals. These benchmarks are designed to thoroughly test many of Adobe's most popular applications using real-world projects and workflows, and the latest CPU, GPU, and other hardware components.

Puget Systems Podcast: Episode 3 - CPU Launch 2019 - William George

Posted in News on 02/17/2020 by Houston Bennett

William George talks about the CPU launches of November 2019 and the effects they had on the various CPU rendering applications he specializes in.

Puget Systems Podcast: Episode 2 - CPU Launch 2019 - Matt Bach

Posted in News on 02/10/2020 by Houston Bennett

Matt Bach discusses the CPU launches that happened in November 2019 and the effects they had on the Photography, Video Editing, and Motion Graphics/VFX industries.

Puget Systems Podcast: Episode 1 - CPU Launch 2019 - Josh Raye

Posted in News on 02/03/2020 by Houston Bennett

Josh Raye, Puget Systems' Product Manager, discusses his role at Puget Systems, the CPU launches in November 2019 and their effect on his work and the tech industry as a whole.

Puget Systems Podcast: Episode 0 - The Intro

Posted in News on 01/21/2020 by Houston Bennett

This is the first episode of the Puget Systems Podcast! Thanks for listening and be sure leave us some feedback!

Matt Bach Talks 8K Video Editing at SIGGRAPH

Posted in News on 08/21/2019 by Eric Brown

Our own senior hardware analyst, Matt Bach, gave a presentation at PNY’s booth at SIGGRAPH 2019 on 6K to 8K editing workflows and what you need to be able to handle it.

School of Motion teams up with Puget Systems

Posted in News on 03/13/2019 by Brett Nordquist

In this video, School of Motion teamed up with Puget Systems and Adobe to develop the ultimate After Effects computer. School of Motion wanted to tackle this subject, but instead of simply figuring out a way to make After Effects run faster the team pondered a far more interesting question, can we build the worlds fastest After Effects computer?

Must Have Gear for Filmmakers & Photographers | 2018 Edition

Posted in News on 11/12/2018 by Brett Nordquist

In this video, Sam and Niko with Corridor Digital talk about some of their recommendations for must have gear for Filmmakers & Photographers. Sam and Niko also explain how Puget Systems workstations accelerated their workflow, allowing them to decrease their processing and render times, as well as our Lifetime Support that is included with every computer.

postPerspective Reviews Puget Systems Genesis I

Posted in News on 11/08/2018 by Jeremy Thomas

In this review, Brady Betzel of postPerspective dives into how Puget Systems identified the right custom-built PC solution for him (specifically for post), how his experience was before, during and after receiving the system and, finally, specs and benchmarks of the system itself.