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Dan Guay

search engine optimizer

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  • 19 years with Puget Systems

Dan partnered with Puget Systems as a contractor for search engine optimization before "SEO" was even 'a thing', way back in 2003. At the time, the company was very small and operating out of Jon's house. It was Dan's inspiration to change the company name from Puget Sound System to Puget Custom Computer. Little were we all aware how many people thought we sold sound systems. This was also back in the day when you could experience much more love from Google for having a company name that matched the keyword phrases you were targeting. For those that follow us closely, we've since changed to a more broadly related company name in Puget Systems which now better defines us.

You can see Dan's work through thousands of top ten rankings he's been able to help us achieve. He's also been an influential "think tank" mentality, driving positive change. He has been a great partner to have on our team. If you're in the market for SEO, I strongly recommend taking a look at www.adaptivewebsolutions.net.

Seattle WA