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Wilson Chau (Customer Service Manager)

The Best Time to Purchase a PC

Written on April 2, 2015 by Wilson Chau
I was recently in the market for a new tablet. I didn’t really need a new tablet, but when you have 3 kids fighting over two tablets, sometimes need and want are the same. Just like any good consumer, I researched the type, size, and specs I wanted for the new tablet. When researching new electronic toys, I often find myself thinking that if I wait a little longer, I can get something better or score a deal on last year's model. 
I’d imagine our customers face the same dilemna when comptemplating purchasing a new computer. In fact, I'm often asked if now is a good time to purchase a computer or would waiting a while longer be a good choice. 
“Is there anything coming in the next few weeks, few months, 6 months?”
“Should I wait for Windows 10?”
“Should I expect to see any discounts or promotions in the near future?"
These are all legitmate questions when making a large purchase. If a new product is just around the corner, and it will improve performance, I want to know. I do want to caution though that new doesn’t always mean better. The advantage of using current technology is that it’s been put through its paces for a while and many bugs will have been found and repaired. With bleeding edge technology, it's not uncommon for the buyer to feel like a beta tester. 
So when is it a good time to buy?
I'll keep it simple. This is what I tell my customers: 
“Use whatever machine you have today until it become unstable or too slow to accomplish the tasks you need it to complete. Then put that machine aside and purchase a new computer with current technology that fits within your budget.”
When that time comes, we're here to help you. 
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Clay B

Big thing to consider, the OS. We use some expensive software for home based business. It's important to find out if the software you own will work on the new OS. We waited about a year after Win8 came out. All our software checked out as OK for Win8. But one turned out not to be, Corel Draw X3; so we had to upgrade that. It was too old to upgrade, so we had to purchase new Corel Draw... Expensive. Win10 is around the corner, but I'll wait to upgrade at least 6 months, one for the bugs to work out, and to find out if our software is compatible. Our Puget systems came with Win8 when we got them a year ago, but was upgraded to 8.1 a week later. The best upgrade we got from Pugetsystems was SSD's to hold the OS and programs, it's unbelievably fast booting up, about 20 seconds, and fast to use, and all our data is on a regular HDD. Then Crashplan for cloud backup... PS, Crashplan is the best.

Posted on 2015-04-04 20:34:04