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Wilson Chau (Customer Service Manager)

Keeping Up To Date

Written on October 11, 2017 by Wilson Chau

One morning while walking my kids to school, a few of the neighborhood kids joined us. As we walked, one of the kids abruptly stopped right in front of my son. Slightly annoyed, my son shouted, “quit brake stopping me!”. Now...I like to think of myself as one of the cool and hip parents that’s up to date with the latest trends and terms, but I had never heard that term before. 

Later that evening, my 6-year old daughter showed me a move called “Dabbing” in which she snapped her head down within a bent arm with opposite arm extended out in parallel. It looked like someone sneezing into one arm while the other arm was trying to get as far away as possible. I could feel my “cool” card melting away. 

Betty White is way cooler than me

One comment I hear often when talking to a client is, “I used to keep up to date with technology, but it’s been a while now, and I’m out of touch with the latest trends.” I can certainly understand why. Take the CPU for example. Just this year alone, Intel and AMD have launched a plethora of CPUs. 


  • Kaby Lake for the mainstream (Core i3, i5, and i7 with 2-4 cores)
  • Kaby Lake for business (Xeon E3 with 4 cores)
  • Kaby Lake X and Skylake X for enthusiast (Core i7 and i9 with 4-18 cores)
  • Skylake W for business / workstations (Xeon W with 4-18 cores)
  • Skylake SP “Purley” for servers (Xeon Scalable with 4-28 cores each on 2-8 CPUs)
  • Coffee Lake for the mainstream (Core i3, i5, and i7 with 4-6 cores)


  • Ryzen for mainstream (4-8 cores)
  • Ryzen Pro for business (also 4-8 cores)
  • Threadripper for enthusiasts (8-16 cores)
  • EPYC for servers (up to 32 cores each on 1-2 physical CPUs)

That’s a lot to keep track of and if it wasn’t for our Puget Labs team, I’d certainly be lost. I mean check out the articles they have been publishing: 



It’s impressive! It’s also my job to keep track of the latest technology, trends, and performance so that YOU DON’T HAVE TO. Hopefully, that means I’m still cool in your eyes. 

Now if I can somehow convince the Puget Labs team to keep me up to date with the latest hip trends for millennials, I might just “dab” in celebration. 

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From https://www.urbandictionary... :

"Dabbing (1) - Vaporizing concentrated marijuana, usually in the form of wax or hash, by placing it on an extremely hot metal object called a nail and inhaling the vapors produced. The nail is usually heated via blowtorch. Inhaling this harsh and concentrated form of marijuana often causes one to cry and wipe one's tears away while coughing and passing a bong.

Dabbing (2) - Performing the dance move characterized by raising an elbow and tucking one's head toward that elbow while raising and extending the opposite arm behind. This dance move is often seen while dabbing (1) since the dabber immediately coughs into his inner arm and wipes his or her tears away while passing a bong.
(1) She is super stoned from dabbing.
(2) He is dabbing because he is super stoned."

Ain't parenting grand? We think we're just not cool, with it, or a hep cat anymore, and the next thing we know, some adult in the network of friends/schools/media that a 6 year old is in thinks a drug move would be a neat thing to teach children as a dance.

[edited for tone]

Posted on 2017-10-12 15:21:20