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Puget Systems is SAM Registered, with Dun & Bradstreet DUNS# 128267585, CAGE Code 31YA3
Puget Systems is on GSA Schedule, GS-35F-532AA


For computers in the business and government fields, one thing reigns supreme: reliability. Even if you have the most powerful computer in the world, it means nothing if it isn't working properly. When you look at the cost of IT services and down time, reliability becomes a very tangible need. Recognizing this has brought Puget Systems to develop unparalleled methods of ensuring that our systems are the most solid computers available today. We understand the costs of downtime, and a passion for building reliable computer is at our core.


As with finances, the path to wise decisions begins with careful tracking. Puget Systems tracks the reliability and failure modes of every single part that comes through our doors - from CPUs and motherboards all the way down to heatsinks and USB ports. As we test and track each part, we gain the knowledge of what is proven to be reliable and what has a higher chance of failure. We then use this information to design computers that can be sure to last, saving you time and money in the long run.


Along with our extensive reliability testing and tracking part failures, we desire to know everything we possibly can about each computer we build. One key area of consideration is heat. Computers generate heat, and heat can generate problems. Knowing where that heat is can show us if we need to make internal changes to avoid future overheating before delivering to a client. To accomplish this, we have invested in thermal imaging technology that shows us the real time temperatures of each system under full load. With each custom PC we build, we evaluate the temperatures and make any necessary modifications to ensure the computer is rock solid. You will not find that level of individual PC testing from any of our competitors.


Buying a new computer off the shelf can be a quick option, but to make the best decision you need to know that each aspect of the system is right for your needs. You could buy a new system with a great processor, but if you need better video support then a higher powered video card may be needed and without it, you wouldn't experience the full benefit of your new CPU. Your computer is only as fast as its slowest component under your unique usage patterns. To help you make the right decision, our consultants are ready and willing to help you configure the best computer for your needs and usage.

How Our Process Works

Configure - Customize your own workstation from scratch. You're choosing from the best, because we only sell products we recommend and stand behind.

Refine - Let us save you money! Work with our experts to find the best choices for your needs and your budget, to give you the best bang for your buck.

Purchase - Place your order on our secure website. Buy a workstation with complete confidence from our reviews and testimonials.

Track - Follow your order in real-time through our 104 step process, and receive a tracking number by email. Most orders ship in 5-7 business days.