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As computer systems become faster and faster, it isn't suprising that many people today are using their computers as a stereo or even a complete entertainment system. With those new requirements, we are seeing an explosion of high quality speakers available for the PC market. Our selection is very simple. The basic setup is the tradional speaker arrangement that we've seen in the past: two speakers designed to give you basic stereo output. If you need something with higher quality, then our surround sound setup may suit you better. With a subwoofer and two satellites, this speaker set will put out high quality music and will give great sound to your games. If you're looking for the best, you'll find it with our dolby digital speakers. The onboard dolby digital controller will connect to your sound card's digital output port (available on every sound card except our basic card), which will give you an outstanding 5.1 channel output. This will give you three dimensional sound in your DVDs, games, and even music! If you are using your computer as an entertainment system, these speakers cannot be beat!

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