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Our smallest PC, with full desktop performance.
Buy an Echo Pro during our Christmas Special, and get $100 off!
Green PCs

Chassis Dimensions Chassis Dimensions


Intel Skylake CPUs
Multiple hard drives

Echo Pro

Highest speed Intel CPUs
Dedicated video card support

Compact Size

Our mission with our Echo line is to build the most powerful small form factor PCs out there. Puget System Echo PCs provide full desktop performance, in a small form factor size. Whether space is limited or you simply don't want a behemoth computer box staring you in the face, Echo allows you to use a smaller PC without a compromise on performance.

With powerful Intel Skylake processors, we are able to offer pint-sized systems fully capable of delivering 4K HD video, true fidelity 7.1 surround sound audio, or even high-end 3D video and rendering.

Both Echo PCs offer multiple hard drives, support up to 3 monitors, support up to 4K monitor resolution, and come with Puget Systems legendary reputation for high quality, personal service, and no-hassle warranty.

Energy Efficiency

One of the greenest computers on the market, our Echo PCs use
less electricity than most common household appliances.

Average Wattage per Appliance
40w avg.
Echo Pro
60w avg.
(250w gaming)
180w avg.
XBox 360
185w avg.
Plasma HDTV
300w avg.
500w avg.

High Definition 4K Display Support

Blu-Ray Logo Stay on top of the latest in video technology by customizing your Puget Systems Echo with a Blu-Ray disc drive. Capable of driving even 4K displays, you'll be able to watch all the latest movies in full HD quality.