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Koolance Stretch w/ Blue Lighting

Built on 04/25/05


Full Specs

Tyan Thunder K8WE
2 x AMD Opteron (940) 250 2.4GHz 64-bit
2 x OCZ 2GB PC3200 REG ECC
Koolance PC3-726SL (Silver)
2 x Danger Den Copper RBX Water Block
Danger Den MAZE4-Chipset Block
2 x Western Digital SATA Raptor 74GB
Plextor PX-716SA/SW 16x DVD+RW/-RW SATA
Teac 3.5inch 1.44 Floppy Drive
Seasonic S12 600W Power Supply
Lian-Li TR-3A Fan/Temp Monitor

Case Mods
Blue UV Techflex Sleeving
Lian-Li Aluminum Bezel Floppy (silver)
Lian-Li Aluminum Bezel CDROM (silver)
Custom Laser-Cut Case Window
UV Blue SATA Cables
Dual Cold Cathode Light (blue)

Additional Notes

We call this the "Koolance Stretch" system because of its extra-deep dimensions. The Koolance PC3-726SL is based on the Lian-Li V1200 case. It is essentially the same as a V1000, but deeper, giving it room to hold those really BIG motherboards...like the Tyan K8WE! With it's sleek look and silver color, one builder said it looks like a stretch limo, and it does! The long wheelbase (yes, there are wheels) gives it improved handling and ride comfort (this part, I made up).

Of course, there is no sense in getting a custom laser-cut window panel if you're not going to light the system! This system definitely goes for a blue theme, with UV-reactive blue cabling and wire sleeving, and blue cold cathode lighting. We took one picture with the lights off so you can see the contrast!

On the performance side, this system is definitely no slacker, either! Using the anxiously awaited Tyan K8WE motherboard, this is your cutting edge in technology. The owner opted for 4 sticks of 2GB memory. OCZ does not usually offer this memory, but ran a special batch just for Puget -- we were quite happy to be able to do that! The system is strikingly quiet. With the major heat sources liquid cooled, and a large 120mm fan blowing over the hard drives, this is a very well cooled computer, with a very low noise overhead. All around, a pleasure to build!

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