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How To Change Your Default Audio Device

Written on September 25, 2019 by Chad Warmenhoven

Windows 10 provides a few different ways to adjust the default audio device, configure system events and change input/output devices. We are now able to change the default audio device using the settings app as well as straight from the taskbar. No more digging through numerous screens just to switch from headphones to speakers or back. In this article we will guide you through the process and explain why you should use which path.

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Leave it ON!

Written on September 20, 2019 by Chad Warmenhoven

To leave it on, to turn it off. That is the question. This discussion has bounced around tech enthusiasts, novices and tech professionals yet no one seems to be able to firmly agree. Well today Puget is taking a side!

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Intel Rapid Storage Technology Preventing Windows 1903 Update

Written on July 31, 2019 by Chad Warmenhoven

A number of our users have reported getting an error when attempting to update Windows 10 to version 1903. We did some digging and were able to find a fix with a very specific driver version.

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Moving From Mac to PC - Dive Right IN!

Written on July 24, 2019 by Chad Warmenhoven

Switching from Mac to PC can seem like a daunting undertaking but thanks to advances in networking and Microsoft making huge strides to provide simple solutions that make the transition easy and straightforward. We will cover as much as we can in an effort to make the switch even easier.

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Boot Times Got you Down? Look No Further, Puget Systems has the Fix

Written on July 17, 2019 by Chad Warmenhoven

Windows 10 is packed with great features, however some of those features can slow boot times so we will help you speed things up with some simple adjustments!

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Let's Use Windows 10 Storage Spaces

Written on July 17, 2019 by Chad Warmenhoven

Storage Spaces can provide additional storage, extend existing storage, protect your data and pool multiple drives together.This article will guide you through setting up and using Storage Spaces.

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How to Resolve KMODE Exception BSOD

Written on June 12, 2019 by Chad Warmenhoven

KMODE Exception. A very damaging BSOD that can come up at any time but is simple enough to install. Here we will guide you through the various ways to tackle this BSOD.

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Backup Options Within Windows 10

Written on June 12, 2019 by Chad Warmenhoven

The following article will explain the different backup options built into windows. We also explain how to use them in order to keep your data secure.

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How to Remove Windows 10 Applications

Written on June 5, 2019 by Chad Warmenhoven

The following guide will demonstrate each way to remove applications in Windows 10

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Recommended 3rd Party Backup Solutions for Windows 10

Written on June 5, 2019 by Chad Warmenhoven

The following article will cover some of our favorite 3rd party backup options available in Windows 10.

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Let's Install 1903! Windows 10, May 2019 Update Now Available

Written on May 22, 2019 by Chad Warmenhoven

If you're like me you've been waiting for the May 2019 update with emotional anticipation. We have already covered some of the features coming in this update so this article will provide some guidance on how to install it and get rolling!

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Windows 10 Zero-Day Exploit Released

Written on May 22, 2019 by Chad Warmenhoven

SandboxEscaper, a security researcher has released a new Windows LPE zero-day

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Windows 10 Sleep Issues

Written on May 3, 2019 by Chad Warmenhoven

A recent Windows 10 update seems to be preventing proper sleep even when set correctly. Sometimes simply turning sleep off and back on seems to solve the problem but occasionally more work is needed, this article will cover the solutions we have found to be successful.

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Windows 7 support is ending, what now?

Written on May 1, 2019 by Chad Warmenhoven

Microsoft is officially ending all product support in 2020. This means no more security updates, feature updates, patches of any kind or phone, email and chat support. This article will guide you through some of your options as well as discuss the best actions to take to keep you secure after support officially ends.

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Pausing Updates in Windows 10

Written on April 24, 2019 by Chad Warmenhoven

Windows 10 updates are definitely a useful function of Windows 10. Many of our users have inquired about the ability to pause the updates so this article will cover the CURRENT options for pausing temporarily.

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Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner

Written on April 3, 2019 by Chad Warmenhoven

If you're ever experiencing issues installing Adobe software's or running any of Adobe's software suites, the utility in this article generally resolves those problems. This guide is designed to walk you through the process of rectifying any problems with the Adobe suite. This tool is NOT the same as CCleaner from Piriform.

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How to Access Safe Mode in Windows 10

Written on March 27, 2019 by Chad Warmenhoven

Windows 10 has changed the game, most specifically the way we access Safe mode and since F8 no longer does the trick here are a few ways to access safe mode.

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Diagnostic Startup (Windows 10)

Written on March 27, 2019 by Chad Warmenhoven

If you are experiencing issues with your system and are unsure of the cause, an easy way to eliminate software culprits is to perform a Diagnostic startup. Many issues can be traced using the Diagnostic startup, this may be one of the most useful steps when troubleshooting a system.

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Windows 10 Updates Failing - Error code: 0x80246008

Written on March 27, 2019 by Chad Warmenhoven

Have you tried updating Windows 10 and received an error after a restart? This article will guide you through the process of resolving the Windows update error: 0x80246008

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NVIDIA GeForce and Titan Creator Ready Drivers

Written on March 21, 2019 by William George

NVIDIA recently made a new type of driver available for their GeForce and Titan series video cards, which is aimed specifically at content creators. These new "Creator Ready" drivers can be selected when downloading drivers from the NVIDIA or GeForce websites, and can also be picked for future driver updates in GeForce Experience. Read on for info on how to find these drivers for your workstations.

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Update Failure and the Automated Uninstall

Written on March 17, 2019 by Chad Warmenhoven

Windows is automatically removing some previously installed updates in the event of an update failure.

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DaVinci Resolve 15 - Performance loss with NVIDIA 418 & 419 driver *FIXED

Written on March 8, 2019 by Matt Bach

We have recently noticed a 10-20% performance drop in DaVinci Resolve that is due to an issue with the latest NVIDIA GPU drivers. What exactly is happening and how can you fix the problem?

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Windows 10 Not Booting (BCD edition)

Written on March 7, 2019 by Chad Warmenhoven

Is your Windows OS failing to boot due to a corrupted MBR or BCD? This article will detail the steps for resolving and getting you back up and running.

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Windows 10 Clean Boot

Written on March 7, 2019 by Chad Warmenhoven

This article will guide you through the process of performing a clean boot in Windows 10.

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Top 5 Pro Tips for a New Puget System

Written on March 1, 2019 by Chad Warmenhoven

Your new Puget System just arrived and you are eager to set it up and get to work. Here are some considerations to keep in the back of your mind while you get setup.