For most desktop builds, we provide screenshots of every BIOS screen, as documentation of your BIOS settings. Most all of our motherboards allow us to save BIOS settings to a profile, which persists even through a CMOS reset or BIOS upgrade. However, we feel it is important to keep a record of all settings we used, just in case! This also allows you a convenient record of our settings, in case you decide you make changes and can't remember your original settings.

Here is a sample of the screenshots we provide:

Read what our customers have to say about our bios screenshots!

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Pam Meadows

From Sacramento

star yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow icon 3 months ago

"I'm not a tech savy person so I so apprieciate the staff at Puget. They have been very helpful and do not have that attitude that many computer people do. I purchased the Serenity; it is truly silent. Before purchasing this I had gotten a computer from Frys, it sounded like a 747 taking off, even from across the room! I returned it the next day.

The computer sits on the desk a foot from my chair and I can't hear it! Had a repair person out, he was amazed at the lack of sound. He had even checked to make sure it was on. System is as fast as I need and works seamlessly. After a few years a fan did die, I purchased a replacement from them and it was here in a couple days. Yes, the computer is more expensive than a box store but worth every penny!"
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John W

From Tacoma

star yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow icon 9 months ago

"If I could rate Puget Systems higher I would! I simply love this company and I feel very grateful to have found them. I am currently on my second PC from them and couldn't be happier.

- Reliable, fast response, best customer service I ever seen.
- Puget Systems does not add bloatware to there computers. Meaning you won't have computer with useless junk on it. Just the operating system you ask for and things you actually need.
- Puget Systems really listens to you and they do not try to up sale you with add-on parts that don't fit your needs or budget.
- When you order a PC you can watch the process with updates on there website so you know what's going on every step of the way while it's being built which is pretty cool because it's nice to see what's finished, what part are in order, and thermal pictures of your PC to show you where most of the heat is at so they can configure the fans properly to reduce heat in your PC.
- You can upgrade your computer you bought from them for free as part of there lifetime commitment to you as a customer and they'll even clean the dust out if you ask! So if you need a new video card and a power supply they can put it in for free. Great if your local if not it depends on shipping and handling costs.
- If you got a problem with your computer they actually care even after the computer is sold. Also a one year warranty and parts from Puget Systems is included. They also email you to check up on how your PC is doing after you use it 6 months or so to check if you're still satisfy with your purchase.
- Best benefit I found is if you're local like me you can always drive up to there place of business and avoid shipping and handling cost.
- Products they use are tested for reliability so there not going to sell you cheap unreliable motherboard, power supply, etc... They only sell parts for computers that they have tested a lot and feel strongly about when it comes to parts being reliable.
- If you call and talk to a sales rep and you have no clue about computers or what each part does they will explain every part and what it does and how it helps you when it comes to your needs in your computer you're trying to build. So you can also learn about computers parts and know which part you should spend more money on and what part you really don't need to.

- Can take up to couple week since they have to build your computer and sometimes they have to get a part if its not in there inventory at the moment. With that being said this isn't really a con for me but, had to put something!
- If you're not local I assume things might not be good when it comes to upgrades or issues with your computer due to shipping and handling cost.
- They can be tad bit expensive if you're on a low budget depending on your needs of course. Nice thing though they will be honest and at least tell you the price and try there best to find best way to work with your budget."
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Sumit Gupta

star yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow icon 11 months ago

"So I bought my custom desktop about 2 years ago from Puget. Initially, I was not sure if I should buy from a smaller custom PC company like Puget since I usually went with an HP or an Asus. However, I did a lot of research and even looked into buying my own parts from Newgegg/Amazon to build my PC. At then end I'm so glad that I went with Puget Systems!!!

This company has absolutely phenomenal customer service and passionate and experienced PC builders. They take their work seriously like an art form and deliver on this promise. I never bought something from a company like this before and I think a lot of American companies wouldn't lose their business to foreign competitors if they retained such caring customer service and quality workmanship.

To start with, I sent a simple email to Puget and over the course of a few emails and phone calls we came up with the perfect configuration I needed. Puget was honest with what I needed to build my PC and did not try to oversell me with upgrades that I didnt need.

Afterwords, I did due diligence on the final cost, and to my surprise the price of the Puget system was just marginally more than the cost to build my own system with parts from Newegg/Amazon. Plus they installed Windows 7 when all the commercial companies are only giving the option for Windows 8 or 10 (which we all know suck).

Then Puget sent me updates, screenshots of all the testing they did to my computer and even helped with data migration. After that I received a huge box with my PC. Puget had done an insanely good job to protect the computer during its journey to my home. I have kept this packaging in case I ever need to upgrade my PC with Puget.

Once I received the PC everything worked properly. There was no crapware or malware and they installed only what I told them to install.

Finally, over the last 2 years, Puget support has helped me with minor Windows software problems, on how to setup my monitors (which I bought on my own) with HDMI and DVI. They also sent me reminders on how to dust and clean the computer and do maintenance. Everytime they have followed up with a phone call and the same person who is knowledgable about the issue. And I never received an email with an 'ad' or some stupid offer. Overall very professional company. I worked with Jeff Stubbers and Chris Crader who have been most excellent with their support.

Also I like my PC to be very quiet, and the specially designed PC that Puget developed has performed excellently, I cant hear it even when its pin drop silent in my home with the AC off.

Overall, you can't go wrong with Puget. I will be relying on this company for all my future PC/laptop needs."
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From New York

star yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow icon one year ago

"Highly recommended! Just bought a custom build for the purpose of 3D work. Very nice and knowledgeable people. Intensive tests and quality control. There are real people talking to you and keeping you updated -- will not be buying computers from anywhere else now!"
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Mike Sando

star yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow icon one year ago

"Great company. Great computers. I've been a customer since 2007 and have bought three machines from them (a laptop in 2007, a desktop in 2009 and a laptop for my wife in 2012). Still have all three. We use the 2009 and 2012 machines daily. The 2009 desktop is the one I still use for work every day, and it is fantastic six years later. It's great to know this company is doing so well. I won't buy a computer anywhere else."
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John Retherford

From Tacoma

star yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow icon one year ago

"I needed to get a new desktop pretty quickly when my 5 y/o big box system started getting glitchy. But I had been out of the market for a while and am not very current on the latest technology. I needed help aligning my current and future needs with a solid system at the best price possible. At first I was a little leery of being up-sold beyond my needs. But the sales approach use by Puget Systems staff is very supportive and I quickly realized I was in the good hands of a consultant who cared about me. I had a few questions, mostly about compatibility, which were addressed accurately, sometimes even after hours. That's service!

The Spirit system I got is very fast and quiet. It has no bloatware in my face. And they provided a shell to hide Win 8.1 that is a dream. to use When I picked up the system i was shown the few things I needed to know, and was given a notebook that documents my whole experience from specs, through the build, metrics and testing, to photos. Being able to get on line and track the progress of my order made me feel a part of the process.

The bottom line is that I will go back for all my computing needs and won't hesitate to recommend Puget Systems to anyone."
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Peter Heyde DBA Mad Good

From Marietta, NY 13110

star yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow icon 2 years ago

"I Own a small DJ business in upstate New York. I was using a Dell XPS 1640 with a soundblaster X-Fi sound card for my business. Knowing that I'd soon need a "backup", I started extensively searching for a new computer, and I "stumbled" on Puget Systems. Having had much experience with Dell and HP, I was tired of the run around circus that THEY call tech support. The more research I did, the more I came back to Puget Systems. I finally called them and talked about building me a new computer. I had my web page open as I was talking to my sales tech while I was spec'ing my computer, he was explaining the options and available features in a very low pressure, imformative way. I ordered my computer, and the whole experience only got better from there. When the computer arrived about a week later, it was accompanied with a comprehensive log of every part manufacturer, contact number, test and build schedule with test results and a FULL complement of discs including drivers, reimaging AND full OS. That's not to say that there weren't any bugs (remember, we're still dealing with Windows) but they were dealt with over the phone with no problems. It's like having a cousin in the computer business who's native language is English and knows their buisiness forward, backwards and sideways for the LIFETIME of the computer! All that's left to say is that the quality of the computer improved the sound of my music from CD to virtual studio quality. I,ve also started doing graphic designs, and my computer is a natural! Bottom Line-thers's nowhere else I'd even consider buying a computer than Puget Systems and you can take that to the bank!"
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Von Wagoner

star yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow icon 2 years ago

"The whole experience from initial inquiry to receiving the finished product was great. Puget System's customer reps answered all of my questions promptly and professionally. Receiving regular updates and the ability to watch the build progress and testing steps was quite cool! Puget puts out the extra effort to be transparent and keep it's customers informed. The PC arrived well packaged and with excellent documentation. I especially like the fact that they did not load it with any "bloatware" or superfluous apps. I got a very clean machine with nothing more than what I asked for. You won't find bottom barrel prices here, and that's okay with me. I was willing to pay a little more for a well designed, tested and reliable product. All in all, I'm very pleased with my new PC and Puget System's excellent service and
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star yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow icon 3 years ago

"Purchased a Serenity. Very pleased with system and support. Nice touches like letting you know progress of build and thermal imaging to show build is done with reliability in mind, not just silence. And the system really is amazingly quiet, effectively silent."
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Keith Bereswill

From Antigo

star yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow icon 3 years ago

"All I can say is WOW! What a pleasurable purchasing experience I had getting my latest PC from Puget Systems. I decided to skip building my own and searched out some of the boutique system builders online. Despite the builders that have higher visibility I found Puget Systems. I had a rough idea of the system I wanted and that was a quiet yet up to date system for photo and video editing. I can honestly say I was under pressure from some who said get an iMac and another who was trying to steer me towards a rig from Digital Storm. I read the reviews and did some research. I contacted Puget Systems through email and William was quick to answer. He suggested the Serenity system and after going over some build options that were within my budget and specifications his initial build actually cost less than I was going to spend. How about that? A company that didn't try to up sell on components! William was quick to respond to any questions or requests I had and although I upgraded the CPU cooler William said it would be a little noisier he was honest and very knowledgeable in the individual components. I submitted my order and since I was given a budget and it was under that figure I decided to upgrade my video card. William went over the pro's and con's and added the card. Once payment cleared the fun began. Puget Systems really goes the extra mile in keeping you informed in each step of the process. You can track everything from the collecting the parts to assembly, benchmarks and you can even view pictures of your system before it's shipped. Not only do you get to see your system as it will look out of the box you get to see thermal images of your system at idol and under load. How cool is that (no pun intended)! You will get your tracking number when the system ships and the wait and apprehension begins. I was worried about the particular carrier they use as I have had less then stellar experiences with them. The big day came and the big white box looks like heck. Now I'm worried. Box is crushed on 4 sides like an accordion. A big tear is on the bottom of the box. So I'm sweating as I open the box. Lo and behold the triple layered outer box does its job. Nestled inside 8 large styrofoam corner protectors is the original box for my systems case. On top there is a box of goodies. All the original unused parts, manuals and power cord. Beneath is a binder with some directions, disks, benchmarks, personalized message, invoice and support numbers for everything installed with the system. So following the directions I get the case out. It is in pristine condition. They even replaced the protective film on the case. Open up the side panel and here is another point where Puget Systems shines. They have a a form fitting foam packaging that protects the video card and monstrous CPU cooler from getting jostled around while shipping. One thing you may read on other boutique builders forums is the video card gets knocked loose. Puget Systems has a nice clear, branded bracket that helps to keep the video card in place. Not only while shipping but as you use it they are getting so large and heavy that the support will keep downward pressure off the slot. Another touch I noticed is that rather than just install one of the front mounted fans in its support on the front of the case Puget Systems brought it back towards the rear and mounted it at an angle to blow air directly into my CPU cooling tower. To help quiet the system there is a ton of noise dampening material stuffed into every nook and cranny! Checked the system for any wires or connectors that may have gotten knocked loose during shipping and all was good. Time to fire this thing up. It goes without a hitch. William had told me my CPU cooling option (Gelid GX-7) and video card choice was going to make my system a little louder than they like. Well William, you have bionic ears! This thing is whisper quiet! My external Raid Array cooling fans are noisier than this system. I wish I had a problem with my system early on to see if their tech support is as good as the rest of the process but the darn thing is running without a hitch! So I tip my hat to William, Josh, Kyle and the rest of the staff at Puget Systems. You all have made this whole process actually pleasant. I am impressed and will spread the word about your great company."

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