For most desktop builds, we provide screenshots of every BIOS screen, as documentation of your BIOS settings. Most all of our motherboards allow us to save BIOS settings to a profile, which persists even through a CMOS reset or BIOS upgrade. However, we feel it is important to keep a record of all settings we used, just in case! This also allows you a convenient record of our settings, in case you decide you make changes and can't remember your original settings.

Here is a sample of the screenshots we provide:


Read what our customers have to say about our bios screenshots!

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John Retherford [Send Email]

From Tacoma

star yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow icon 3 months ago

"I needed to get a new desktop pretty quickly when my 5 y/o big box system started getting glitchy. But I had been out of the market for a while and am not very current on the latest technology. I needed help aligning my current and future needs with a solid system at the best price possible. At first I was a little leery of being up-sold beyond my needs. But the sales approach use by Puget Systems staff is very supportive and I quickly realized I was in the good hands of a consultant who cared about me. I had a few questions, mostly about compatibility, which were addressed accurately, sometimes even after hours. That's service!

The Spirit system I got is very fast and quiet. It has no bloatware in my face. And they provided a shell to hide Win 8.1 that is a dream. to use When I picked up the system i was shown the few things I needed to know, and was given a notebook that documents my whole experience from specs, through the build, metrics and testing, to photos. Being able to get on line and track the progress of my order made me feel a part of the process.

The bottom line is that I will go back for all my computing needs and won't hesitate to recommend Puget Systems to anyone."
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Peter Heyde DBA Mad Good [Send Email]

From Marietta, NY 13110

star yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow icon 7 months ago

"I Own a small DJ business in upstate New York. I was using a Dell XPS 1640 with a soundblaster X-Fi sound card for my business. Knowing that I'd soon need a "backup", I started extensively searching for a new computer, and I "stumbled" on Puget Systems. Having had much experience with Dell and HP, I was tired of the run around circus that THEY call tech support. The more research I did, the more I came back to Puget Systems. I finally called them and talked about building me a new computer. I had my web page open as I was talking to my sales tech while I was spec'ing my computer, he was explaining the options and available features in a very low pressure, imformative way. I ordered my computer, and the whole experience only got better from there. When the computer arrived about a week later, it was accompanied with a comprehensive log of every part manufacturer, contact number, test and build schedule with test results and a FULL complement of discs including drivers, reimaging AND full OS. That's not to say that there weren't any bugs (remember, we're still dealing with Windows) but they were dealt with over the phone with no problems. It's like having a cousin in the computer business who's native language is English and knows their buisiness forward, backwards and sideways for the LIFETIME of the computer! All that's left to say is that the quality of the computer improved the sound of my music from CD to virtual studio quality. I,ve also started doing graphic designs, and my computer is a natural! Bottom Line-thers's nowhere else I'd even consider buying a computer than Puget Systems and you can take that to the bank!"
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Von Wagoner

star yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow icon 12 months ago

"The whole experience from initial inquiry to receiving the finished product was great. Puget System's customer reps answered all of my questions promptly and professionally. Receiving regular updates and the ability to watch the build progress and testing steps was quite cool! Puget puts out the extra effort to be transparent and keep it's customers informed. The PC arrived well packaged and with excellent documentation. I especially like the fact that they did not load it with any "bloatware" or superfluous apps. I got a very clean machine with nothing more than what I asked for. You won't find bottom barrel prices here, and that's okay with me. I was willing to pay a little more for a well designed, tested and reliable product. All in all, I'm very pleased with my new PC and Puget System's excellent service and
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star yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow icon 2 years ago

"Purchased a Serenity. Very pleased with system and support. Nice touches like letting you know progress of build and thermal imaging to show build is done with reliability in mind, not just silence. And the system really is amazingly quiet, effectively silent."
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Keith Bereswill [Send Email]

From Antigo

star yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow icon 2 years ago

"All I can say is WOW! What a pleasurable purchasing experience I had getting my latest PC from Puget Systems. I decided to skip building my own and searched out some of the boutique system builders online. Despite the builders that have higher visibility I found Puget Systems. I had a rough idea of the system I wanted and that was a quiet yet up to date system for photo and video editing. I can honestly say I was under pressure from some who said get an iMac and another who was trying to steer me towards a rig from Digital Storm. I read the reviews and did some research. I contacted Puget Systems through email and William was quick to answer. He suggested the Serenity system and after going over some build options that were within my budget and specifications his initial build actually cost less than I was going to spend. How about that? A company that didn't try to up sell on components! William was quick to respond to any questions or requests I had and although I upgraded the CPU cooler William said it would be a little noisier he was honest and very knowledgeable in the individual components. I submitted my order and since I was given a budget and it was under that figure I decided to upgrade my video card. William went over the pro's and con's and added the card. Once payment cleared the fun began. Puget Systems really goes the extra mile in keeping you informed in each step of the process. You can track everything from the collecting the parts to assembly, benchmarks and you can even view pictures of your system before it's shipped. Not only do you get to see your system as it will look out of the box you get to see thermal images of your system at idol and under load. How cool is that (no pun intended)! You will get your tracking number when the system ships and the wait and apprehension begins. I was worried about the particular carrier they use as I have had less then stellar experiences with them. The big day came and the big white box looks like heck. Now I'm worried. Box is crushed on 4 sides like an accordion. A big tear is on the bottom of the box. So I'm sweating as I open the box. Lo and behold the triple layered outer box does its job. Nestled inside 8 large styrofoam corner protectors is the original box for my systems case. On top there is a box of goodies. All the original unused parts, manuals and power cord. Beneath is a binder with some directions, disks, benchmarks, personalized message, invoice and support numbers for everything installed with the system. So following the directions I get the case out. It is in pristine condition. They even replaced the protective film on the case. Open up the side panel and here is another point where Puget Systems shines. They have a a form fitting foam packaging that protects the video card and monstrous CPU cooler from getting jostled around while shipping. One thing you may read on other boutique builders forums is the video card gets knocked loose. Puget Systems has a nice clear, branded bracket that helps to keep the video card in place. Not only while shipping but as you use it they are getting so large and heavy that the support will keep downward pressure off the slot. Another touch I noticed is that rather than just install one of the front mounted fans in its support on the front of the case Puget Systems brought it back towards the rear and mounted it at an angle to blow air directly into my CPU cooling tower. To help quiet the system there is a ton of noise dampening material stuffed into every nook and cranny! Checked the system for any wires or connectors that may have gotten knocked loose during shipping and all was good. Time to fire this thing up. It goes without a hitch. William had told me my CPU cooling option (Gelid GX-7) and video card choice was going to make my system a little louder than they like. Well William, you have bionic ears! This thing is whisper quiet! My external Raid Array cooling fans are noisier than this system. I wish I had a problem with my system early on to see if their tech support is as good as the rest of the process but the darn thing is running without a hitch! So I tip my hat to William, Josh, Kyle and the rest of the staff at Puget Systems. You all have made this whole process actually pleasant. I am impressed and will spread the word about your great company."
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Piers Barrington [Send Email]

From Smithtown, NY

star yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow icon 2 years ago

"I started by looking at the different vendors of quiet systems as that was one of my primary reasons for swapping out my PC (apart from the fact the old one was getting on in years).
After looking around for a week or so, I decided to try Puget Systems. I spent over an hour in a chat session with Jeff going over the different possibilities, before deciding to get a customized Serenity.
Jeff made some recommendations, which I took and I placed my order. Estimated shipping time was a week later, so it was great to see the progress of the build on the website as well as the pictures once it was ready and of course the performance benchmarks (my only request would be to show some comparison benchmarks on this page to get an idea of what differences there might be. Maybe against some standard builds?).
The PC shipped as scheduled, and it finally arrived. Packing was excellent and surprised me with its size and everything that was in it. Finally got to plug it in, and that was a joy. Almost no noise at all and fast. It was a pleasure doing business with Puget Systems and will certainly use them for the next system when it is time. Great job!"
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Eric Roberts [Send Email]

star yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow icon 3 years ago

"I am SO impressed with Puget Systems, from the quality of their website, to their personal review of my submitted order, to the speed of the build, to the online details of the process of building, testing and then shipping the product. The 3-ring binder with software CDs, instructions, specifications, thermal pics, etc. was most professional.

I needed a business server. I didn't have time to evaluate all the possible configurations, so I told them what I thought I wanted, they suggested a couple of changes (that saved me almost $500!) and then delivered a fantastic product. My local IT company came to migrate the old server over to the new, and commented "Oh, they already did all of the initial setup." They were able to jump right in to the serious work, saving me hundreds of dollars of their time.

I'm sure that a good technical person could do for themselves what Puget did for me less expensively. But as a business owner, I didn't want to have to spend my valuable time mucking about with a balky computer. That is not my forte. I wanted instant perfect results. And that is what I got.

I'm going to be in the market for a new workstation soon, and I know where I'll be buying it - Puget Systems!"
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Lindsey [Send Email]

From Bellingham, Washington

star yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow icon 3 years ago

"If I could stop playing with my awesome, new, custom-built desktop from Puget Systems for just a second, maybe I could finally write a testimonial!

To put it simply, Puget Systems is the most customer and quality-oriented computer company I have ever purchased from. For the past fifteen years I have bought (too) many gaming systems and laptops from the big-name computer corporations (Compaq/Dell/Alienware, HP, etc.) and ended up severely disappointed with the quality of the machine and the poor, sometimes straight-up insulting, customer service. It took me too long to realize I was paying for the brand name, not a quality machine or quality support.

When it came time to buy my next machine, I poked around forums for computer enthusiasts to inquire about a tried-and-true company that builds quality custom-built machines, and I was recommended Puget Systems. I was blown away by the testimonials and excited to purchase from and support a local business (I live in Washington State) instead of a money-grubbing mega-corporation for a change and from the very beginning to the very end - from my computer’s conceptualization to my using it right now – Puget Systems has been by my side. One year ago I e-mailed Puget Systems to hammer out the details of the computer I wanted, but due to financial constraints that popped up and postponed my purchase, I was unable to make the purchase until just a few weeks ago. Despite my having to put off my purchase, Puget Systems continued to help me plan my system and with their recommendations, I was able to create an affordable gaming rig that, if you don’t mind me saying, KICKS ASS.

After I (finally) made my purchase, the customer service did not end. All the while PS was building my system, they posted construction updates, benchmarks, pictures, and more, making me feel like I was actually THERE watching the fantastic team build my fantastic machine. After PS shipped my computer, they sent me all the tracking information and through their site I was actually able to watch my computer make its way to me. When I opened the box, it was like *CHRISTMAS*. Everything was packaged with such care and attention. The extra bolts and screws were stored neatly in a labeled bag, my machine’s information binder was instantly accessible, and the computer itself was fasted securely within. There was even a recommendation to save the packaging, as it is designed specifically for my machine, in case it needs to be sent in for upgrades or repairs. An excellent recommendation! In my excitement, I think I would have thrown the box right in recycling if that hadn’t been there…

Setting up my computer was a snap. They had installed everything, so all that was left to do was play Skyrim. That’s why it’s taken me so long to write this testimonial! My games are running so great, I can’t tear myself away!

Thank you. THANK YOU. This has easily been the most enjoyable computer purchase I have ever made, not just because the machine is phenomenal, but because it is such a pleasure to work with and buy from a company that cares: cares about computers, cares about the quality of its staff, and cares for its customers. I am handing your business cards out like they were on fire and recommending you to anyone in the market for a new computer, and really anyone who will listen. I can’t wait to buy from you guys again in the future.


Other things I love about Puget Systems:
+ The staff’s own thoughts and recommendations are listed for each computer component, which is extremely helpful while you’re building your system.
+ PS gives you an incredibly useful binder with all your system’s software and information (thermal imaging, motherboard and chassis information and connections, FAQ’s, assembly and testing information, warranty and support information), as well as information about recycling your old electronics! I really needed this as I have a whole pile of those aforementioned busted gaming desktops and laptops from the mega-corporations.
+ Even when I accidently downloaded a virus not twenty-four hours after getting my computer, the recovery discs that Puget Systems provided got it right back to factory settings, virus-free in a snap!"
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SA Wellington

star yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow icon 3 years ago

"Fabulous! I have had my custom-built computer for a couple of months and have loved every minute of using it. I had been researching computers for many, many months, but just couldn't find the one that suited me. I reviewed computer ratings, magazines, and websites, but just wasn't satisfied. I even thought about building my own. And, then it dawned on me...a custom build. I knew it would be more expensive, but it was/is WELL worth every penny. The Puget Systems process is like none I've ever seen before. From the moment I went on the website, working with the support staff to select my system, placing the ordering, following the building/shipping process, receiving it and setting it up. I have yet to be disappointed with my decision. Would I do it again? Absolutely!!! Thank you Pugets Systems for making this experience a great one."
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Marcel Emigh [Send Email]

star yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow icon 4 years ago

"If you are old enough, you remember pulling into a “Service Station” to refuel your vehicle. Before the wheels stopped turning your car was surrounded by people that were cleaning your windshield, checking your tires and adding air if they needed it, raising the hood and making sure that all the fluid levels were where they should be. If you looked like you needed to exit the car, someone was opening the door for you. While all this was going on, your gas was being pumped for the amount you asked for when you drove up. It was an experience consumers only hear about now. I have just experienced this “Service Station” sensation first hand, up close and personal. I surfed to the Puget System website and was impressed enough with what I saw, I put an order in for them to build a computer for me. I browsed their website, which was a breeze to navigate, picked out components I wanted and put a “wish list” together. I submitted my configuration to their pros for an overview to make sure that what I was wanting would all work together and that my expectations would be met with the system I was requesting. They knew what I was looking for because they asked me what I would be using the computer for the majority of the time. My configuration was a “Go”. I placed my order. The Service did not stop here. I was given step by step updates on the work being performed to assemble my computer. I could log into my account anytime and see what was happening with my system. As the computer came together they took pictures of it and posted them to my account. When it was finished they sent me an email telling me my computer had shipped and furnished me the tracking number so I could watch it arrive and depart at each destination. It arrived on time and in excellent condition. As I began to unpack my equipment, the professionalism of Puget Systems was made abundantly clear again. The computer was packed in a “configuration specific” box with all the right packing material. I unboxed, plugged it in and everything worked. They included a 3 ring binder called an “Information Booklet” which contains all the information and technical details of my system. They included all the little extra parts, with everything labeled and boxed together. They have furnished me with means of getting help with my system if something doesn't work right. I wish I could call them, but everything is working. This is an outstanding company and I have enjoyed (when was the last time you heard someone say that), yes enjoyed doing business with them."

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