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We're proud of the record we maintain when it comes to shipping! At less than 10% of the industry average of shipping damages per month, you can rest assured that we do everything possible to make sure your computer arrives safe and sound!

We pack each machine first in the manufacturer boxing and molded styrofoam. We then put that box inside one of our own double walled, high strength white boxes, with two inches of styrofoam popcorn between the boxes. Many of our cases now have custom packing materials made specially for them! We treat your computer as we would our own white box PC!

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Steven Serdikoff

From Philadelphia, PA

star yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow icon 2 years ago

"I tend to look for companies that do business the right way. Until finding Puget Systems, I hadn't found any in the PC business. Puget's builds priced favorably to the rest of the market, but the real value isn't just the well-designed systems, its the level of service. I gave Jeff a detailed list of needs and he guided me toward the right components and build. From then on, I was informed at every step of the process: who was working on my PC and what they were doing. The give tons of info on the parts they use and why, a wealth of info on my system (benchmarks, thermal imaging, etc.), and the final delivered product is flawless (it was so well packed, the FedEx guy who delivered it was impressed!) They provide an old-school binder manual, recovery disks and drive, and a flawlessly built PC -- tidy cable management, lots of efficient and quiet cooling, and great parts. The PC is fast, quiet (often inaudible), no bloatware, everything was installed and ready to go (including all available updates). It boots fast, it runs better than any previous PC I've owned, and I have no doubt it will be far more reliable also. Puget Systems does it right. I've paid premium prices before, but this is the first time I got equal value! My Puget PC doesn't look flashy, but it's a beast of a system, backed up by people who really seem to care about building a machine that does what I need. I've a hard time imagining buying a PC from anyone else ever again."
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star yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow icon 2 years ago

"I looked at Puget Systems years ago and was impressed by them and finally decided it was time to get a computer specifically tailored to my needs. They offered suggestions, and consistently proved helpful in my decision process. The build was fun to watch as their site showed all the progress from beginning to end with great detail. It shipped great, packed amazingly well. Now that I've used it, its performance has been stellar and now I am spoiled! Come the time I want another computer, I will go with Puget again. Highly recommended."
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Jedidiah Mitchell

From NYC

star yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow icon 2 years ago

"I've been using custom PC workstations for film post production & VFX since the early 2000s, and I've always preferred to build them myself for cost savings & flexibility.

When my current studio brought up the idea of purchasing a pre-built workstation to replace our (woefully insufficient) Mac Pro 6,1 color grading system I was hesitant to let someone else assemble a box for me. I wasn't thrilled with the configuration options on many vendor websites, and the cost premium seemed a little high, but our EP wanted to give it a shot with Puget due to their apparent focus on the post production industry.

First, my concerns about flexibility were addressed in about 5 minutes on the phone with Puget: they took my requests, understood why I was making them, and proposed a custom build not available through the online tools which met all my needs, even down to specific wire routing for ease of future upgrades. Really surprised that the first person I spoke with -- in sales no less (not engineering) -- was so knowledgeable about build options and why a customer might want something "off-menu" like I did.

Second, when we got the new workstation it was just as fast as I expected from the parts list, but the big surprises for me have been how stable it is, how well laid out the box is, and more than anything else how *shockingly* quiet the system is even under maximum load. They warned me that with some of my custom requests the sound dampening wouldn't be as effective as stock options, but I don't even know what that means in practice: we have laptops, water-cooled systems, tiny desktop RAIDs, etc -- all of them are louder at idle than this box is under maximum load. Hell, our router is louder than this thing. Really impressive tuning & testing, far better than I've ever done for myself.

In addition to the great build, some 3rd party hardware did not function as expected when we initially received the system -- despite it not being their responsibility they have been responsive and helpful in diagnosing the issues and we've been very happy with support so far. Having struggled with workstation support from Boxx & Dell in the past this was a very pleasant surprise.

I love tinkering with hardware so I intend to continue building my own workstations at home, but for anyone on the fence about buying pre-built, this is the bar for how it's done."
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From Chicago, Illinois

star yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow icon 2 years ago

"I ordered a 4-GPU digits machine for a deep learning project at work. Jeremy was helpful getting the machine configured and when it turned out the CPU I selected wasn't available from any of their suppliers, Jeremy and Wilson upgraded the CPU to another one they had in stock, answered some of technical questions about it, and expedited shipping so the order would make it in time. I got the machine a day ago, and it's already running at 100% and saving us $100s of dollars per day that we would otherwise pay for AWS. Very happy with Puget!"
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Bobbi McDonald

From Post Falls, Idaho

star yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow icon 4 years ago

"I am so amazed by this company. I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted and I was able to talk to someone who guided me in the exact computer that I needed. Then after I ordered it, their web site kept me updated to exactly what they were doing during the building stages, and through it all. It didn't take more than just a few business days to have the computer built. Then when they shipped it, it arrived in just 24 hrs. It was tightly package, and had no damage. It is sharp looking and works amazing. I am so excited to get to know my new system. I just got it today in the mail, and it is put together here in america. Thank you to Puget Custom Computers!"
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From Winter springs

star yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow icon 4 years ago

"I ordered a package of replacement parts for a case from Puget. The package arrived on time and packaged very well. Upon opening it I noticed some damage to the corner from were the carrier had dropped the package and damaged the parts. I contacted Puget and received a response very quickly informing me a replacement would be sent out as soon as possible. I am very satisfied with how they handled the situation and will be a returning customer going forward in the future. This was a very good first impression with the company. Truly a company who goes above and beyond for its customers."
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Kirill Osenkov

From Bellevue, WA

star yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow icon 5 years ago

"I am so happy with my new computer and the excellent service from Puget Systems that I felt I should stop by here and write about my experience.

These folks are fantastic, highly competent, attentive to detail and provide customer satisfaction I can't remember experiencing prior to this. Absolutely top notch carefully selected components, carefully put together, well tested. The website is phenomenal, has all the details about my order and the components, all the drivers ready for download, thermal images of PC running at full speed and idle, checklist of work performed and what needs to be done, personal information about technicians performing the work, etc. etc.

Very impressed with what I received, packaging, instructions, even a bag of goodies that I might need during setup (cables, etc).

Seriously exceeded my expectations and wowed by the experience. This purchase was well worth it!"
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Pete Hugenroth

star yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow icon 5 years ago

"So, let me tell you about buying this gorgeous machine....First, the sales response was superb. I received regular and prompt correspondence from a sales person, Wilson (via email) as I was selecting the components for my new computer. He even made suggestions on a reconfiguration that saved me about $800. The select-to-build software was also excellent. I could see what they had in stock, what was on order, and the exact status of the assembly. I got very nice thermal images sent, showing operating temperatures and cabinet details. When my new baby arrived, the packaging was perfect. In fact, it was so nice to unbox, i feel Puget needs one of those "unboxing" videos that people post on youtube. I use the computer for Photoshop, and even when processing very large files, this thing is soooo quiet! I mean really, really quiet -as in, the the first time I started it up, the light came on and I was convinced it didn't boot up/wondered if it was running. All in all, a dream experience for a custom order. After years of abuse from Dell, with their mongrel parts, bloatware and horrible customer service, I'll gladly pay more for a top-tier computer and a company that stands behind it."
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Mike Sando

star yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow icon 5 years ago

"Great company. Great computers. I've been a customer since 2007 and have bought three machines from them (a laptop in 2007, a desktop in 2009 and a laptop for my wife in 2012). Still have all three. We use the 2009 and 2012 machines daily. The 2009 desktop is the one I still use for work every day, and it is fantastic six years later. It's great to know this company is doing so well. I won't buy a computer anywhere else. https://twitter.com/SandoESPN/status/639937794949840896"
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Chuck Taylor

From Greenfield, Indiana

star yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow icon 5 years ago

"Wow. This computer purchase was completely different from all previous computer purchases. I have primarily designed computers and laptops at Dell and Lenovo websites in the past. They're OK. But so many times problems arose, and the difficulty in finding someone to talk to was maddening. Not to mention the hours spent trying to disinfect the computer from all the bloatware.
Now I'm in a position to spend a little more to get a great system. I've done this at least 15 times over the past 20 years (I have raised 10 kids), and 15 times I've had to grit my teeth and spend a week of my life trying to get the new computer to work right.

Enter Puget. Ordering a computer from Puget was an incredibly satisfying experience. Here's how it went down:

1. I looked at several custom computer review sites on the web and after checking the best-rated sites settled on Puget.

2. I built my dream computer on their website and submitted it.

3. I got an email from one of the designers at Puget within a few hours. He wanted to clarify what kinds of programs I was going to use the computer for. I gave him a rundown.

4. He suggested that the video card i had picked was a bit overkill if I was not interested in gaming, but only P-shop and Premiere video editing, and other programs requiring less video-processing intensity. He suggested a good, but less expensive one.

5. He asked how important noise level was (not much). He recommended faster but noisier 2TB D and E drives (a little less expensive) but a good low-noise case (a little more expensive). There were other details we covered as well, but I'm running out of space.

6. A few days later I received an email with the pictures of my system, including infrared photos showing heat diffusion at idle and at full load. One more day of testing, then ship.

7. I decided to buy a new high-def 27" monitor from Amazon while I waited. What a revelation! To be able to email the same guy who helped me put my system together, who wrote several of the web articles I studied, and to be able to ask him about how well various monitors will play with my new system. Extremely helpful. Not the least bit put-out by a non-techie with questions. Sweet...

8. I received my new system and new monitor on the same day. Putting this computer together was a joy. The packaging was even a joy. Every step Puget thought of what I might need and prepared me for it. Too much to say, but I'm enjoying my new computer absolutely completely the first day I turned it on. No crapware to remove. It just works. It's perfect.

9. The man who helped me at Puget did recommend one upgrade, that being a 500GB solid-state C Drive. I can't recommend this highly enough. Sooo fast! Nearly instantaneous boot-up. I wonder how many thousands of hours I've wasted waiting for my computers to boot up...

10. As far as the noise recommendations: This computer is literally silent. I have to look under my desk to see if it's on! Not sure why it would need to be quieter than this?

11. Regarding the downgrade on the video card: This beast opens and processes my 25MB RAW photos in Adobe PS nearly instantly. Haven't gotten to video editing yet, but I have no doubt that Puget hasn't led me astray. Just looked back and re-read our ten emails.

12. Just outstanding! They really got to the bottom of what I needed, and taught me along the way. Really a pleasure. I am a very, very satisfied customer. My next computer will definitely come from Puget."

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