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We design and build high end custom computers.

  • I will definitely buy any future computers from Puget.
    - Kevin Guernier
  • Their support has been just phenomenal. We have had a very odd tech issue but they have been there every step of the way, even following up when I've gotten too busy to respond.
    - J.B.
  • You pay for quality with Puget.
    - Albert
  • What really put me over the top was that LIFETIME free customer support with someone in North America. That in itself sounded too good to be true, but Puget's customer service went well beyond that.
    - Peter Heyde
  • I really have nothing bad to say, at all, about this box.
    - Tekzilla
  • This system was a joy to game on
    - HardOCP
  • Puget was excellent, their website is fantastic, and their service was on point. When there was a hiccup in our build, they reported it immediately and proceeded with a quick turn-around on the fix.
    - Jeffrey Reifsnyder
  • I'm extremely pleased with the computer that Puget Systems helped spec out for me. It is exactly what I was looking for to work efficiently with Lightroom. I was equally pleased with the whole customer service experience.
    - William Stickney
  • They keep the buyer informed during the entire build process via email and through their website. In fact they even send you an email with a picture of your newly built machine before they ship it to you.
    - Test Freaks
  • Shortly after my second testimonial, I received an unsolicited email from a tech who offered a solution to the powering up problem that I had mentioned.
    - Ned White
  • In case anyone is wondering, if you get a system with an I-9, 14-core processor and a NVIDIA RTX 2080 TI with 32GB of RAM, it takes Davinci Resolve 16 2.5 minutes to transcode 1 minute of 8k RED Raw footage. Love this place
    - Kurt N.
  • Takes a little bit of time for them to build the system and ship it, but quality work can't be rushed! So it's well worth the wait. Just awesome!"
    - Robert Schultz
  • Our system arrived with no bloat ware of any kind; not even an anti-virus trial.
    - TweakTown
  • Beautifully built machine, ready to run. Impressed with status availability during construction. All Emails responded to within a couple of hours. Highly recommended.
    - Dale Maxwell
  • Another great transaction with Puget. They were willing to work with me for a couple months while I worked the system into my budget
    - Andrew Dietz
  • Quiet is what I asked for and I got a really fast (thanks to 1TB SSD C: drive), whisper quiet powerhouse for my music recording, mixing and visual presentations!
    - Dr. William Henshaw
  • Puget had enormous amount of patience answering thousands of questions, helping us along the way to build the perfect laptop for my needs. I may have paid a lot of money for my computer, but it is worth every penny.
    - Andy Wadkins
  • When FedEx missed a delivery date and I contacted PCC about getting the shipping refunded From FedEx, they were extremely prompt and helpful.
    - T David Swindle
  • Once again, Puget Custom Computers has delivered an exceptionally quiet system - this time at a more reasonable price. As shipped, the system is as quiet as any system we've built on our own, and probably faster.
    - Silent PC Review
  • I loved the ability to see the status of your machine's build and the photos of my completed build that were sent to me as I was waiting for shipping was a great touch.
    - John Pizzicaroli
  • Wilson, Micah, and the entire team at Puget Systems have been extraordinary. Their knowledge, helpfulness, and willingness to go beyond their normal responsibilities are greatly appreciated.
    - Michael, Alexander
  • Puget Systems was literally the perfect experience. I can't recommend them highly enough!
    - Everett Rosenfeld
  • Excellent communication and consultation on a configuration. The build quality is amazing. All internal wires are optimally installed and beautifully assembled. Packing for shipping is also something I never saw before in a good sense.
    - Kazuhiro Shimbo
  • I will definitely be a loyal customer. Good prices, the ability to really make choices that are not easily available and the incredible service made me a very happy customer.
    - Paulo Costa
  • I bought 3 identical PC's from Puget and was very pleased that the hardware and software configuration was exactly the same across all 3 systems. Everything was excellent quality and was put together well.
    - Richard Hughes

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