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Take a minute to watch this video about what sets us apart, and what makes Puget Systems the best choice for your next custom computer!

Buy a workstation, and get it shipped within 7-10 business days.

Our company is 100% in the USA

We design and manufacture custom built computers for:

  • I received a great product, complete documentation, and everything worked perfectly. I couldn't be happier!
    - Dan Squiller
  • The Bottom Line: Recommended
    - HardOCP
  • Puget Computers is a top quality company, putting Dell and the rest to shame.
    - Christopher Michelsen
  • The sales department was knowledgeable - they helped me configure a machine that fit my needs perfectly.
    - Kenneth Lash
  • I've never received such incredibly good service! These people do business with integrity.
    - Aaron Bartlett
  • They (Puget Systems) gave me that control, and frankly exceeded all of my already high expectations for product quality, speed, and support.
    - Anonymous
  • Not one problem with the hardware or installed software as requested - and the price was right.
    - Jim McArthur
  • Ultimately, the Serenity is tuned for users who must have a quiet system that still offers the most up to date features, expansion, and performance.
    - FutureLooks
  • I cannot recomend them enough.
    - Scott Bennett
  • I was very pleased pleased with every step of my order
    - Hugh Kessel
  • Puget Systems exceeded my expectations.
    - Dave Freitag
  • documentation is excellent and set up was easy
  • Excellent communication and consultation on a configuration. The build quality is amazing. All internal wires are optimally installed and beautifully assembled. Packing for shipping is also something I never saw before in a good sense.
    - Kazuhiro Shimbo
  • My custom configured laptop came not only with the "Concise User's Guide" but also a loose leaf binder full of benchmarks for my rig, tips on setting up the rig, importing data from the old computer and even a thumb drive for recovery.
    - Peter Moore
  • Their use of thermal photography to show the heat signature of the internal components both in standby and under full load is very reassuring. I wouldn't know how to quantify something like that myself.
    - Eric Roberts
  • The noise bar has been set to a new low (as in limbo dancing) for a powerful gaming computer.
    - Silent PC Review
  • When you build your computer and ask for their review they will tell you that you may have a component that is an overkill and suggest another even if it's at a lower cost meaning a saving to you.
    - Michael Rogers
  • The upgrade was flawless, and the skill and care taken by Puget's service and support staff was outstanding!
    - Preston Birdwell
  • You receive almost a daily status of where the PC is in setup. They give you regular status and pictures of your unit. The documentation they provide with the unit and email in advance of delivery is unlike any other company.
    - Bryon Christensen
  • Wilson made excellent recommendations, guiding me toward best quality and most cost effective materials.
    - LM
  • Puget did an amazing job on my order - I highly recommend them to anyone looking to buy a top-notch custom PC.
    - Ben Stone
  • Now, more then a year later after I bought my system, I lost my WiFi antenna. I asked if they had an extra and they sent me a new one for free.
    - Martin S.
  • I would highly recommend Puget for any computer enthusiast!
    - Patrick Davis
  • Nothing but good experiences with this company! Best web site, best service.
    - Brian Hoskins
  • these people build fantastic computers
    - Blake S.

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