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Take a minute to watch this video about what sets us apart, and what makes Puget Systems the best choice for custom computers.

Buy a workstation, and get it shipped within 10-14 business days.

Our company is 100% in the USA

We design and build high end custom computers.

  • I came back a repeat customer because my last purchase through them was the most satisfying computer purchase I had ever had.
    - Dean Frost
  • I have every confidence that any system I buy from Puget, and I will be buying more from them, will arrive ready to work and completely stable.
    - Brett Lamberson
  • The Puget Serenity Pro SPCR Edition easily qualifies as a Certified Silent PC. The measured sound pressure level of 11.5 dBA@1m at idle and 15 dBA at full system load and 30*C room temperature is very impressive and unprecedented.
    - Silent PC Review
  • Serenity had me leaning over to make sure the system was powered up on more than one occassion. That's how quiet the Serenity configuration really is.
    - FutureLooks
  • When they ship it, it comes ready to use with all the high quality cables you might want, plus a mix of VERY easy to read instructions along with all the tech documentation a real hardware nerd could ever dream of.
    - Anonymous
  • All information is put together in a 3-ring binder and it shows how your system tested along with any software and manufacturer contacts.
    - Tom Wujek
  • I love the Puget System team and philosophy.
    - Steven Albert
  • Purchased a Serenity Pro. Very happy with quality of service and especially happy with quality (and quietness) of computer. Good consulting up front and then a personal follow-up after delivery--website allowed me to track status during build.
    - Christopher John
  • The systems arrived in a very timely manner, configured as ordered, along with the important stuff: Driver CDs and component manuals.
    - Rick Swenton
  • They helped me to make the best, cost-effective choice for my bottom line.
    - Pamela Pakker-Kozicki
  • Jon Bach provided exceptional support throughout the process.
    - Robert Laundry
  • Recently my old 30" Dual Link DVI monitor went out due to a cable issue. Ben, their customer service rep, sent a new cable out to me via Amazon and got my business back up and running.
    - Frank McClung
  • When given a choice between making an extra buck or doing the right thing for the customer, they choose the customer first.
    - Leon Couch
  • The computer arrived exactly as scheduled, and the first thing I noticed, was the incredible thorough packaging. Absolutely top notch care!
    - Odd Svendsbo
  • I loved the ability to see the status of your machine's build and the photos of my completed build that were sent to me as I was waiting for shipping was a great touch.
    - John Pizzicaroli
  • If your going to buy, buy from PCC.
    - Charles Shepherd
  • Attention to detail is amazing
    - John Hollenberg
  • I was completely impressed with the computer when it arrived. From packaging, to aesthetics, to the almost artful configuration of the components. The setup and performance of the machine has been outstanding.
    - Chris Chamberlain
  • The reviews emphasized their customer service which is exemplary. With such a large purchase, I found it really important to know I'd have consistent support through the process.
    - Mike Anderson
  • I was impressed with the research articles they were publishing. They are setting the standard for custom PC building.
    - anonymous
  • The technical knowledge of the staff is amazing
    - Daniel Miller
  • I was impressed by their commitment to customer satisfaction.
    - Tom
  • My computer arrived precisely when they said it would in perfect working condition.
    - James Birk
  • The tracking of the build was really awesome, and the video is just over the top. It was almost like a walk through when purchasing a new car and all the features are pointed out and you get the wow factor.
    - Daniel Barrand
  • They provided me with a small but mighty PC.
    - John Wilson

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