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Dr Donald Kinghorn (Scientific Computing Advisor)

Xeon Phi Developers Starter Kit

Written on January 14, 2014 by Dr Donald Kinghorn

What is the Intel Xeon Phi starter kit? ... well, if you get a new system with a Xeon Phi installed from an Intel platinum partner (like us) you have an option to get some really nice software development tools for a significant discount. If you are in a situation where you would need a commercial license for Intel's developer tools for your Phi development work, then the discount is REALLY significant! -- greater than 85% discount!*.

*I really don't want to commit to pricing too much since it is somewhat in flux. Just figure between $300-$400 extra on a system price for some really good developer tools. It's a bargain even for those who can get academic pricing and people who have compiler only licenses already. If you are getting a system for Phi development work and you don't already have a license for the full Parallel or Cluster Studio XE then, yes, you really should get the kit!

Here's what you get


For a kit with a Xeon Phi 3120 ...

Intel® Parallel Studio XE

Intel® Advisor XE
- This is a code analysis tool for finding and testing different threading opportunities and potential problems.
Intel® VTune™ Amplifier XE
- A really impressive and comprehensive performance profiler.
Intel® Inspector XE
- Helps find memory leaks, race conditions and deadlocks in programs.
Static Analysis
- Does the above with the code itself.
Intel® Threading Building Blocks
- C++ template library for task parallelism.
Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives
- Optimized multi-threaded and vectorized C/C++ library for multi-media and data analysis outside of the scope of MKL.
Intel® Math Kernel Library
- (MKL) Very nicely vectorized and threaded library for Linear Algebra, Fast Fourier Transforms (FFT), Vector Math and Statistics functions.
Intel® C++ Compiler XE
- Nice optimizing C/C++ compiler.
Intel® Fortran Compiler XE
- Really good modern Fortran compiler! Mostly up to date with 2008 standards spec.

Extra Documentation

Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor High Performance Programming
- James Jeffers and James Reinders - good reference written by a couple of really talented and knowledgeable Intel guys with deep understanding of MIC aka Phi.
Parallel Programming and Optimization with Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessors
- Andrey Vladimirov and Vadim Karpusenko Stanford University and Colfax International - good reference for C/C++ programmers written by a couple of skilled Physicists, programmers and great guys.
Quick start guide
-  "TOP 10 useful developer resources".

With a system including a Xeon Phi 5110P you get Intel® Cluster Studio which adds ...

Intel® MPI Library
- Yes, Intel's own tweaked MPI library based on MPICH. Co-array Fortran uses the run-time libs from this.
Intel® Trace Analyzer and Collector
- MPI parallel analyzer and profiler.

What you "really" get ...

Maybe a nifty little, relatively inexpensive, Phi developer system like the Peak mini with a Phi 3120A;

... and a piece of paper with a serial number for Parallel Studio and some download links!

Happy computing! --dbk

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