The HPC Podcast Officially Debuts with Episode #4!

One of my favorite things to do here is talk to Don. He has a ton of experience, not just in computing, but also in life. Don is also a teacher, so all of our conversations have this student/teacher dynamic going on. Anyways, not to get sappy, but I have learned a lot just listening to Don.

Don and I usually circle up a couple days a week, right around the time coffee is finished brewing. He either has something to tell me about, or I read about something and want to ask him questions. When we both have something to chat about…well, it could be awhile.

These conversations might seem frivolous, but they have helped me immensely in my job. See, the big goal of my position is to make sure you buy the right system. Everything I do is basically centered on that goal. The hardest part of the job is keeping up with all the changes in technology. So in between rants on driving in Seattle, reviews of various coffees we have brewed, Don and I talk computing. It is an interesting dynamic because he likes the details and I like to connect the dots.

Think of us as the "how" AND the "why." That's how most of our discussions go. Anyways, I was sitting at my desk, chatting with Don about the difficulties in quantum computing and I thought, "Dang. We should record this." That was the start of The HPC Podcast.

While The HPC Podcast is starting as a personal project, Jon has been awesome enough to buy equipment and tolerate Don and I rambling on.

Now, I can't tell you it's going to be all computing — sometimes you have to talk coffee — but we will make sure you understand more of the "how" and "why" of the workstation, HPC and server/cloud markets and technology.

So, without further adieu, I present to you episode 4 of The HPC Podcast.

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