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Episode 80 - Live Q&A w/ Gabriella K, Virtual Production Artist - Feeding_Wolves YouTube Channel

Written on May 14, 2021 by Houston Bennett

About the Podcast

At Puget Systems, we build high performance workstations custom tailored for content creation, engineering, and scientific computing. This podcast will discuss topics related to the workflows and software of those industries.

This week we have the pleasure of hosting Gabriella K, aka Feeding_Wolves on YouTube!

Gabriella creates content centered around Unreal Engine, Motion Graphics/VFX, and Virtual Production. Recently, she's become a go-to source for information and tutorials on Unreal Engine MetaHumans. We're glad to have her on the show to help give us some insight into and answer questions about, the virtual production workflow and what effect MetaHumans will have in the future.

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