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Safe Packing Instructions - Antec P182 with Liquid Cooling

Written on June 10, 2008 by Richard Millard

Packing Instructions

Follow this guide, to safely pack your computer and prepare it for shipping. If you have lost your original packing materials, please contact us about purchasing replacements to ensure the safest shipping possible.

Put computer on secure surface, with the front of the computer facing you.

Place the cardboard sleeve over the computer.
Note: If your computer has a side-panel window, skip this step. The cardboard sleeve can scratch the window.

One of the foam ends has been specifically cut to fit the fans on top of the computer. Place this end on top of the computer.

Rotate the computer so that the door is facing down.

Put remaining foam packaging on the opposite side of the computer (bottom of the computer). Leave the front of the computer facing down.

Leaving the computer door side down, put the inner box on the computer matching the "top" sticker on the inner box with the top of the computer

Slide the box all the way down to the table, so that the top flaps are flush with the table.

Turn box over to the upright position (the door of the computer should be facing up).
Tape the inner box closed.

Place four foam corners in each corner of the outer box, making sure that the "L" side of the corner is facing up.

Lower the computer into the box, making sure that the "top" stickers match on the inner and outer boxes. Fit the computer into each of the four coners.

Use the remaining four corners to hold the computer in place, having the "L" side of the corner facing down.

Tape the box shut and put the label on the top of the box.

You're ready to ship!

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Wow, with Nate's help, that was a snap! We're all fixed up, and so ends the shortest special in Puget's history :)

Posted on 2004-10-19 20:57:09

Nate....buddy ole pal. Next time wait at least 24 - 48 hours!

Posted on 2004-10-19 22:18:29

Oh, there's bound to be a suprise or two left in this server move :)

Posted on 2004-10-19 22:56:26