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Data Migration with Intel SSDs

Written on August 15, 2013 by


  1. Connect your new SSD to your system by plugging a SATA cable into your motherboard’s SATA controller and then connecting the other end of the cable and a SATA power connector to your new SSD (typically there is a free power connector on the same cable that is plugged into your existing disks).

  2. Next you’ll need to download the Intel Data Migration Software from Intel’s website here:

  3. Once you’ve downloaded the installer, run the exe and accept the license agreement then click Next.

  4. Click on the Install button then choose your install location and click Next.

  5. You will now see a screen that gives you a summary of the installation. Click Proceed.

  6. The installer will run its course and then give you a page that says Installation Complete. Click on the Start Application button.

  7. When the program first starts it will prompt you to register with Acronis. Click on Register Later to continue into the application

  8. There are a couple of options on the main screen that you may want to check out later but at this point we’ll want to click the Start Now button in the top right of the application window.

  9. You may see a prompt come up for “Clone your disk with one click”. If so then verify that the drive on the left is the correct drive you want to clone from and the SSD, on the right, is the correct drive you want to clone to and click Clone Now then skip to step 14. If not then continue to the next step to walk through the clone wizard.

  10. Keep the default Automatic (recommended) option and click Next.

  11. Verify the Source Disk as the drive you want to clone from and click Next.

  12. Verify that the Destination Disk is your new SSD and click Next.

  13. On the next page you will see a summary of which disk is being cloned from, where it is being cloned to, and what the partitions will look like on the SSD once the cloning is finished. Make sure everything looks correct and click Proceed.

  14. At this point your system will reboot into the Acronis live environment and go through the cloning process. Once it’s finished you should see a message that reads “Congratulations! The cloning process completed successfully. You can power off your system now and install the cloned Intel SSD into your system.” and you can click the Shutdown button then remove the disk you cloned from and mount the new SSD in its place. If you are planning on keeping the old disk in the system you’ll need to go into the BIOS and change the boot order so that the new SSD is the first boot device and that is outside the scope of this guide, but if you have a Puget Systems computer feel free to call support and we’ll be happy to walk you through the process.

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