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How to run Memtest86+

Written on April 9, 2010 by Daniel Brown

Note for Puget Systems Customers

If you have a computer from us, it is very likely your machine includes a disc labeled 'Tools CD'. This disc has Memtest86+ on it. If you can find this disc, you can just follow the instructions on the front of the disc to start Memtest86+. That said, you may still find the information on this page under the 'Testing your RAM' heading helpful.

Creating a bootable Memtest86+ disc

MemTest86+ is a program that thoroughly tests your memory for errors. You do not need an operating system installed to use this program, as it is designed to boot directly from a CD. You will need a CD recorder drive and a blank cd.

Download the Memtest image file by clicking here and then clicking the link labeled "Pre-Compiled Bootable ISO (.zip)". Hit "Save" and save it to a temporary folder. Extract the Memtest ISO file from the zip file you just downloaded by right-clicking the zip file and then selecting 'Extract', or 'Extract all...' from the context menu.

If you are running Windows 7, you can just right-click the CD Image file and click to burn it to a CD.

Otherwise you can download the ImgBurn CD Image Recording application by clicking here. Run the installer, start ImgBurn, and then select the Memtest86+ ISO and burn it to your blank disc.

Testing your RAM

Leave your newly created bootable disc in your optical drive. Restart the machine.

Your system should automatically boot from disc and the memory test will automatically start.

Memtest86+ is designed to continue to test your memory until you press the escape key. We recommend at least one full pass (indicated by the number in the 'Pass' column incrementing to 1) or, ideally, an overnight test. Errors will show up in red and they will also be counted in the 'Errors' column.

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