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Swapping Drives in Fractal R5 Case

Written on September 8, 2017 by Ben Nelson

Swapping a Hard Disk Drive and Solid State Drive in a Fractal R5 Case

Upgrading or replacing a new drive in your system can sometimes be a pain. Here at Puget, we created a quick guide to assist you with an article to clear up questions when you replace a drive in your system. In this article we will be breaking down how to open your Fractal R5 case, the steps in removing your drives, replacing the drives, and finally reassembling your case. The video below gives a visual for a better understanding of the process.



1. Opening Up the R5 and Identifying your Storage

To gain access to our storage in the computer, we will need to open the side panel of the case. This is done by removing the thumb screws on the back of the case and pushing in the lever that holds the panel intact. 

You should be removing both panels on either side of the case to be able to access the cables from the back and to gain access to removing the drives from the front.


2. Removing your Drives from the Tray Array

Now that you have the side panels off, the next step will be getting your drives unplugged and unscrewed from their trays. You should have access to the back of your drives and can unplug the power cable and data cable from the drives. Using the open front of your case, you will unscrew the side of the tray to be able to slide the tray and hard drive out. Next you will unscrew the drive from the tray. Depending on if the drive is a hard disk drive or a solid state drive, the screws are different but the trays have holes to fit both.


3. Inserting new Drive and Reassembling System

To continue you should have your drive tray/s out of your system. You will now screw in whichever drive you are replacing or upgrading to. You will retrace your steps in slotting the tray back into the tray array, screwing in the side screw to secure the tray, plugging in the power and data cable to the back of the drive, and finally attaching the side panels and back screws to complete your case.


Congratulations if you were successful in swapping out your drive! You should be able to format the drive for use and be able to start storing your precious data.

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