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Mini Computers are a great combination of aesthetic minimalism and desktop functionality. With far more customization options than any laptop, mini computers have been popular as Portable LAN Gaming computers, Home Theater Computers, or just a great computer for someone restricted on space

holding a tiny computer

MicroATX PCs

These systems come in two main types: Micro ATX and Mini (or Nano) ITX. MicroATX computer systems are simply smaller versions of full desktop computers. They use the same components, just with a smaller motherboard and case (and hence less room for expansion cards and drives). We offer a very wide variety of products here, and whenever you select a MicroATX motherboard on one of our custom configuration pages it will open up smaller case options as well. In addition our Puget Mini Computer is this form-factor, and a great starting point.

small PC dimensions

Mini-ITX PCs

ITX, on the other hand, is a much tinnier standard. These computers are going to use specially designed low-power processors and accessories - often containing laptop-sized hard drives and such. They don't offer the same level of customization, but when a system needs to fit in the smallest of spaces these are a great solution. Examples of this are point-of-sale stations, car or boat computers, and basic email/internet setups.

Because of the complexity involved in making sure an ITX system is designed correctly, we no longer have a configuration page for it. If you have questions about configuring Mini Computers, please feel free to email us! You can also contact us with any questions you may have regarding other small computer configurations.

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