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Core X Workstations


Intel's high-end desktop processor series is known as Core X, and offers higher thread counts, more memory channels, and more PCI-Express lanes than their more mainstream Core models. Per-core performance isn't quite as high, but in well-threaded or memory-bound workloads Core X chips will easily pull ahead.

Core X299 ATX

Core X299 ATX


Mid Tower
1 to 2 GPUs
Up to 256GB of RAM

Core X299 EATX

Core X299 EATX


Full Tower
1 to 3 GPUs
Up to 256GB of RAM

Recommended Core X Workstation Configurations

Customer Testimonials

James Markham Hall Jr.: VR Cinematographer

James' journey with Gold Creek VR began in 2015 while shooting two television series on location in Alaska and the Yukon for National Geographic and Animal Planet. In 2014, while screening a 3D short he directed at the Los Angeles 3D Film Festival, he was exposed to the Oculus Rift for the first time. Once he took off the headset, he was hooked on Virtual Reality and its possibilities.

"My Puget Systems workstation allows me to export an 8K virtual camera take from sequencer in Unreal Engine, while simultaneously scrubbing through 12K footage in Davinci Resolve, all without breaking a sweat.
The speed and power of our Puget Systems workstations allow us to work at the speed of thought."

- James Markham Hall Jr.

Pye Jirsa: Professional Photographer & Co-Founder of SLR Lounge

In 2009, Pye Jirsa decided to enter the world of photography at the peak of the mortgage crisis. He saw was an opportunity in the rapidly changing environment of photography. After attending a convention, Pye realized that most photographers were creating good work. But successful photographers understood sound business practices.

"We've just purchased our sixth Puget Systems workstation for the studio, and they've all been incredible. Not a single issue. When it comes to PC's, we're never buying anything else. I estimate that my current Puget dream machine saves me around 250+ hours a year compared to past PCs and Apple computers. My time is valuable, and 250 hours is an absolutely ridiculous amount of time to steal back from underperforming hardware."

- Pye Jirsa

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