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AMD Price Cuts Announced

Posted on April 14, 2007 by Jon Bach

AMD announced price cuts on their dual core desktop line a few days ago, and those new prices just made their way to us. Of course, we pass that right along to you! Here is how the prices have been updated:

Athlon x2 3800+ is down $20
Athlon x2 4200+ is about the same
Athlon x2 4600+ is about the same
Athlon x2 5000+ is down $50
Athlon x2 5200+ is down $50
Athlon x2 5600+ is down $180
Athlon x2 6000+ is down $200
Athlon FX62 is down $110

You can see that the biggest effect is on the high end processors. Great news for AMD enthusiasts!