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Aquarium PC V4 Kits Available

Posted on November 9, 2011 by Jon Bach


Today, Puget Systems is announcing a new revision to our wildly popular aquarium PC. Our new Aquarium PC V4 represents a number of exciting improvements. Check it out the full details at https://www.pugetsystems.com/aquarium-computer.php

In House Manufacturing

We have seen so much demand for our aquarium kits that we have purchased our own laser cutting machine! This allows us to manufacture these kits entirely on our own, which carries a number of advantages.

  1. Our costs are lower, which helps lower the price to you.
  2. We are in full control of quality. We know what is needed much better that an outsourced machine shop.
  3. We can make MUCH more frequent design tweaks and improvements.

Embracing Simplicity

Up to this point, our aquarium kits have been getting bigger and more complicated with each release. The V4 kits take a step back. The size and capacity is the same as our V3 kits, but with the advantage of rapid prototyping though on-site manufacturing, we are able to create a much more finely tuned product. Instead of large bulky bracing, we cut it down to only what is necessary. Instead of dual pumps with complicated interconnects, we run a single more powerful pump. This leads to a dramatic decrease in complication, assembly, and number of parts needed. This results in less points of possible failure, and much lower overall unit price.

Project History

For those interested in the full history of this project, Puget Systems has chronicled our timeline over the last 4 years, sharing our thoughts, testing, benchmarks, and results.

Our full V4 aquarium kits, including tank, motherboard tray, pump, radiator, and all necessary wiring and tubing, are available for immediate purchase on our website. Alternately, for those looking for parts for their own DIY projects, each component of our V4 kit can be purchased separately on our parts store.

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