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BIOS Screenshots Now Included

Posted on March 24, 2010 by Jon Bach

Puget Systems is pleased to announce a new feature to our custom PC build process. For most builds (a DVI port is required), we now provide screenshots of every BIOS screen, as documentation of your BIOS settings. Most all of our motherboards allow us to save BIOS settings to a profile, which persists even through a CMOS reset or BIOS upgrade. However, we feel it is important to keep a record of all settings we used, just in case! This also allows you a convenient record of our settings, in case you decide you make changes and can't remember your original settings.

This feature was added as a direct result of feedback from our customers. We are always seeking ways to increase the value of the services we provide, so keep your suggestions coming!

For a sample of the BIOS screenshots we provide, please see https://www.pugetsystems.com/included.php?inc=bios .