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Breaking News: Is Monarch Closing?

Posted on December 16, 2006 by Jon Bach


If so, we are sad to see this happen to a business so similar to our own, especially during the Christmas season. We have posted a Monarch information page on the topic, and as we find more firm information, will post updates to that page.


hey all

i joined to toss my 2 cents in

i lived in Atlanta for a few years recently, Tucker, GA being a suburb of ATL and home to Monarch Computers made it a natural choice for purchasing computer parts, yeah, Newegg and ZZF were still there, but i could drive a short distance to Monarch and get what i wanted without waiting for UPS to damage or lose my package a week after my order, and i wanted to help support what appeared to me to be the little guy in the world of e-tailers

so i started buying parts and getting on a first name basis with a handful of peeps at Monarch, and one thing led to another and i was then writing hardware reviews which were being posted on the AMDReview.com site, (the former AthlonXP.com site for any of you "old timers"), which is still active by the way and Monarch employees were posting there as recently as 12-14-06

i have ordered items as well as walking in to buy them from Monarch, and i can honestly say i never had a bad experience myself, i moved away from Atlanta a while back and since have not spoken too much to Devin or Mike, since i saw the speculative postings around the web, i decided to email them and have not received any sort of response yet....which only serves to feed the rumor mill IMO

i just dont see how they have suddenly closed the doors for retail sales in order to focus on internet sales because the web site is in shambles with nearly nothing to offer....

i dont know what to think, but as another fellow forum member over at [H] said to me in a PM, "it feels like the end of an era"

i know i miss being able to walk into the local "Newegg", because thats what they were when I was living there, yeah, i had to pay sales tax, but that was fine, i brought my item home the same day having paid the same price as Newegg if you ignore the small amount paid for local sales tax

too bad, hopefully they launch a new site that is better than ever, even if they dont offer brick and mortar services:(

Posted on 2006-12-18 15:03:57


I just read this and have to admit it: I HAVE SINNED!

I fell for the low cost bait in March 2006 and ordered an AMD system from Monarch that I use as the cornerstone of my Media Center Setup. It has worked well once I FINALLY got it working correctly.

It arrived DOA with memory errors and I sent it back and almost had to drive there to get my machine back. I was lied to about it being shipped back and I'll just wrap up the experience by saying it was the worst buying experience of any product in my life!

When my water cooled dual xeon machine (that I bought from Jon when he was a one man shop back when Hitler was a corporal) finally needed to be replaced for something with more horsepower I returned to PCC (without telling them that I had strayed) and got that good old warm and fuzzy feeling with my new core 2 system that arrived on time and worked right outta the box.

I'm personally glad to see Monarch go down the drain - they didn't deserve to be here. At the same time I feel for those poor folks who got stung and hope they find a satisfactory resolution.


Posted on 2007-01-06 12:57:34

Ack, sorry to hear that you got burned Dingo :(

Posted on 2007-01-08 18:52:49

I found out that Monarch Computer was bought out by Global Computer.com Here is there link. http://www.globalcomputer.com/
I know some of there staff are working there sorry I don't know much more. But I feel sorry for any RMA's that need to be done all of Monarch's phones are down.

Posted on 2007-02-05 08:14:05

I just gave them a call. They did not purchase Monarch. All that happened is that a handful of previous Monarch employees got jobs there, so there are rumors floating around that Global purchased them. I spoke directly to a previous Monarch employee who confirmed to me that there is no affiliation and that Monarch is in the middle of bankruptcy proceedings, but has not be purchased by anyone.

Posted on 2007-02-05 11:47:23

hi i'm a Monarch Computer customer and had no idea they sank! wow! i guess i'm lucky i got my puter from them when i did. now i got a computer with no support :confused:

I have some questions:

what makes u better then Monarch Computer?

are you a reliable company or will Puget share Monarch Computers fate?

sorry for being so harsh. Monarch Computers didn't even send me e-mail saying they were going down.

Posted on 2007-02-21 19:18:12

I think the difference is mainly in the integrity of the people behind the company. That being the case, I can personally tell you that I would never consider it OK to just disappear on our customers. But I think you're going to have to find signs of our integrity in other ways than asking us to be really sure. After all, if we were crooked, would we tell you? :) Check out our testimonials or ResellerRatings.com, that might be a good place to get a feel for what we're all about!

Posted on 2007-02-21 21:33:34

So Monarch Got purchased? Wow, they had such reasonable prices, I bought a card from them and never got it. Like other peolpe I tried to contact them but no answer. I came along this site and though you guys might help me, should I email the company that bought monarch to refund my money if I show them my recite or what should I do?

Posted on 2007-04-07 11:47:42

No one bought Monarch, they just went out of business. If you paid with credit card, you should give your credit card company a call. They can probably issue a chargeback to get your money back.

Posted on 2007-04-07 11:51:26

so there is somewhere where we can talk about how screwed we got from monarchcomputers. I think i got all you beat, i sent in my system (cpu/mb/mem) all down to tucker for rma (usb didn't work), in oct 06, never heard back, never got any parts back (opteron 2ghz/abit sk8n/1g ram) prob ~3-400 bucks nowadays, if that, but never got anything back, not a phone call. probably sold off to cover bankruptcy expenses....THIS IS THE CAUSE OF THE DOWNFALL OF SMB'S. i would sue but their frigin bankrupt, and it will probably cost me more to go through it all and then there's the time involved....frickers!!!!!!!

Posted on 2007-07-02 14:07:47

I joined because Max PC said you may be picking up some of Monarchs warranty work.Is this true?I have a Monarch Furia and have had no trouble with it at all.My experience with Monarch was good ,so was my service.I was really sorry to see them go down the way they did.Anyway my Comp build is a '05 it is not ready for the trash heap yet because I configured a system with some upgradability.I hope that with the same research I put into Monarch I can depend on Puget for possible future builds...Sincerely dcblues

Posted on 2007-06-30 12:04:36

Welcome! It is true that we are offering to cover labor costs on any warranty work needed for Monarch machines. I look foward to seeing you when you reach the limit of the upgradability with your 05 machine, and of course if you ever have trouble with it, we'd be happy to give you our help!

Posted on 2007-06-30 13:24:12