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Configure your PC with Windows 7 Beta!

Posted on May 8, 2009 by Jon Bach

At Puget Systems, we've been closely following the Windows 7 Beta. We're very excited to see this become first OS in history to be faster and more lightweight than its predecessors. With the release of the Windows 7 Beta RC on May 5th, Microsoft is making a trial of this operation system available to everyone for nearly a year! Having installed it on our own workstations and personal computers here at Puget Systems, we have had a great experience and would like to share it with our customers. As of today, we are making the Windows 7 Beta RC available with all our computer configurations at no additional charge.

While we encourage you to check it out, you do need to remember that it will begin to expire on March 1st, 2010, at which time you will need to reinstall your operating system with a purchased copy or another OS. If you are not comfortable installing an operating system, this trial might not be for you. However, all of our customers can take advantage of our lifetime labor warranty by sending the computer in to us, and we will gladly install an OS for you!

For more information about Windows 7 Beta RC, we encourage you to read the in depth review by Anandtech.