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Expanded Liquid Cooling Options

Posted on February 28, 2008 by Jon Bach

We have added some great new options to our our Antec P180 and P190 liquid cooling configurations.

Our first addition is that we're splitting our P182 liquid cooling into two types: Performance and Extreme. The performance version is the setup we've been selling for over a year now, and has a 2x120mm radiator on top, with the pump/reservoir integrated into the top unit. The Extreme version uses all 3x120mm spots on top for radiators, and uses a CDROM bay for the pump/reservoir. In addition, we add a 120mm radiator to the front fan location on the case. So the Extreme version ends up with twice the radiator surface area, but it is slightly louder and more intrusive to inside real estate. The Extreme version costs only approx $100 more, and is standard for Deluge.

It has not been posted to our website yet, but we are also expanding our Antec P190 liquid cooling options. We have sourced a 4x120mm radiator from Koolance that is so large, the P190 is one of the few cases that is large enough to house it! This doubles the cooling power of the P190 liquid cooling package, and that is a great step when the P190 typically houses multi-processor setups.