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Expanding our Capacity -- Moving to a New Location!

Posted on July 27, 2002 by Jon Bach


New Capacity

While our current facility does triple our capacity, that will only mean that we have six months before it also becomes too small! We also have a few improvements to make in our production process, one of which is to create separate assembly and testing spaces. That will allow us to test up to 20 machines at one time, making our limit 15-20 machines per day. While this number is expected to be reached within one year, that does give us quite a bit of growing room.

Location Plans

Part of the reason why we are choosing to move to the Tukwila area is that there is a LOT of office and warehouse space in that area. When we reach the limits of our new facility, which is still residential, we plan to expand into warehouse space, which will for the first time separate the workspace and living space of our founder, Jon Bach. While that has the potential to impact our service levels, we don't expect it to. It might suprise you how little time it actually takes to build a computer. Give us a half hour, and we can put a machine togther from scratch! The 24 hour test period can be run unattended. The bulk of the time is spent working with the clients, coordinating supply shipments, and providing support. The great thing about an internet business is that all of those things can be done from anywhere -- from our warehouse or our homes! This gives us great flexibility, and you can continue to expect to see emails from us at 2am :)