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February 2006 Newsletter - 15% Discount on Certified Systems

Posted on February 3, 2006 by Jon Bach

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February 2006
Puget Custom Computers

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Starting yesterday, we began a new program called the Puget Certified Systems Program, which is a way that we can offer significant discounts on configurations that are on our certified list.

You can read all about it at:

Since most people who subscribe to newsletters are looking for more background, let me give it to you! You see, as a custom computer builder, the biggest obstacle to scaling our business is that the array of parts we are pressured to carry is very vast. That not only creates inventory issues, but it creates so many combinations of parts that there is no way we can guarantee that there are no problems with all combinations. At the same time, we completely recognize that a lot of people out there don't really care exactly what components go into their computer, as long as it does what they want, and is within their budget. That's where the certified systems come in. Whereas we might carry 500 different parts, we only really need 100 parts to be able to offer just about any major kind of computer we are asked to build. IE, with 20% of the part selection, we can still meet 80% of the demand. At the same time, reducing that selection eliminates nearly all of the part combination problems, and vastly simplifies inventory.

To decide which parts we were going to certify, we looked at many factors, but the biggest were reliability and supply consistency. We keep detailed statistics about what parts are defective the least often, and we certified only the best. That's good for all of us -- it reduces Puget's warranty overhead, and reduces your hassle and expense of a failed part! We also keep records on how often any given part has had shortage problems in the past, and took out any parts that were prone to those delays. That makes sure that we are least likely to have surprise delays with our certified builds. And of course, we tried to maintain as wide a selection as possible, so that we could build many types of computers, to fit all types of budgets and needs.

Using these parts, we assembled six certified computers. Each computer is still customizable, within the boundaries of the certified program, so that you can still get a computer tailored to your specific needs. We then took those six certified configurations, and gave them a whopping 15% discount! Why? In short, it is because this program makes Puget far more productive. And since Puget is a company committed to passing along our savings back to our customers, it means that when we're more productive, we can give out discounts! That is why we are offering 15% discounts on our certified systems. Now, a discount that large is well below our bottom line, so don't expect it to last for long! I expect we will be ending this promotion in 1-2 weeks, at which time we'll be cutting back that discount to something a bit more realistic to our bottom line. So if you are interested, check out our certified program right away!


Whether you are ordering Puget Certified parts, Puget Preferred parts, or anything else from us, you're always taking benefit from the fact that we are constantly improving our product line. One success story has to do with our part reliability. Our advanced failure tracking system went online early last year, and has helped us make some great decisions about what parts we carry! Most of the time, by just moving to a different manufacturer or slightly different product, we can make a large impact in our failure rates. To illustrate, let me share some hard numbers with you. In the first half of 2005 our total failure rate per part was just over 2%. As we improved our line, we got down to less than 1% in the last quarter of 2005. This month, as of today, we're at 0.66% failure rate! I honestly can't imagine any better success, and that's just one more reason why you can be confident when you buy Puget.

Of course, low part failure rate is just one piece of what makes a good product line. Listening carefully to what parts people want us to see, and weighing that against consumer reports and our personal experience is something we do every day. If you have a suggestion of something you want to see offered by Puget, always feel free to email me about it!

*** THE FUTURE ***

What kind of direction do I see Puget headed in? I would say that in the next year, you're going to see Puget offering two types of computers -- we'll have the Puget Custom Systems, and the Puget Certified Systems. As the certified systems take over the bulk of our orders, it will free up our time to do what we do best -- extremely custom computers! One example is that we have immediate plans to offer custom liquid cooled computers. We've been offering Koolance liquid cooled computers for years, but have recently seen a great need to bring in other pumps, radiators, and reservoirs to create our own liquid cooling solutions. We've piloted this program with a handful of customers already, with great success. Our high flow, custom liquid cooled builds look great and cool our computers better than anything we have seen before! If you're looking for a custom liquid cooled setup like that, let me know and I can get you more details of what we have in mind. On the opposite side, look for more expansion of our certified systems. The certified program really opens doors to us that we had a hard time fitting into our line-up before. Laptops, tablet PCs, miniITX computers...these all fit much more nicely into a certified program than they do in a custom model. With the discounts we can offer in our certified line, we look forward to the competitive pricing we can bring. Paired with our excellent track record and service, I think we have a great year ahead!

Thank you,

Jon Bach - Owner
Puget Custom Computers
(425) 458-0273 x4