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Hardware Article Writer Position Available!

Posted on October 10, 2004 by Jon Bach

We're currently looking for hardware article writers! If you have a talent and interest in writing articles for us, drop me an email at jonbach@pugetsystems.com ! We are currently paying $50 per approved article, OR you can help us get rid of old inventory (most of which are worth far more than $50!) by choosing from this list of hardware prizes (limited quantity available -- first come, first served!).
  • LSI 2 Channel SATA RAID Controller
    Leadtek Model VC100 XP TV Video Capture Card
    Jaton Communicator V.92 56K USB Fax Modem

Are they free? Do I have to pay S&H?

Posted on 2004-10-11 08:49:16

Well, they are free in the sense that you don't have to pay any cash. We will not charge you S&H. What we WILL charge you is one approved hardware article. :) You write an article, and submit it.

The catch is it must be approved....it must get the stamp of approval from us. If it needs work, we'll let you know what needs work and will let you revise. Of course, if it looks like the article is shaping up to be siginificantly larger or smaller than usual, we can negotiate a fair price for it.

Posted on 2004-10-11 10:19:33

I'm not really an article writer... but I would like to have that thermaltake case. I think I'll give it a try.

jonbach@pugetsystems.com !

Do I have to always write for Puget????
Can I just submit a few?
What can I write about or what do i have to write about? Anything particular (motherboards, graphics cards, memory, or puget pc's)?

Posted on 2004-10-11 16:34:49

CGD, as indicated above, please email me for details.

Posted on 2004-10-11 16:35:30

sorry. I'll email you sometime;-)

Posted on 2004-10-11 16:37:13