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HeatPipe Memory Now Standard

Posted on October 12, 2007 by Ed Borden

We've been working with OCZ for quite a while to continue to refine and upgrade our memory line. We're excited to announce that we've been able to qualify and standardize our entire DDR2 line with heatpipe coolers. We've been looking for a product like this for a while for many different reasons, and after considerable testing we are confident to say that we've really hit on something here! In our quiet systems, we need this extra passive cooling where airflow might be less than normal. In our extreme performing gaming systems where we are starting to offer overclocking services, we like the extra cooling as well! Even for more budget-oriented home users where bleeding edge performance may not necessarily be the goal, you can rest assured that you are still getting top of the line attention to quality in an area of your system that is most prone to failure.

These new modules are available on every configurator on our website that offers DDR2, and you can take a look at our product page for more info.