Puget Systems print logo

Logo Contest Announcement

Posted on October 11, 2004 by Jon Bach

After a long and grueling meeting to judge our logo contest entries, we regret to accounce that we did not receive a submission that would would like to choose as the next logo for Puget Custom Computers. However, there are 8 finalists whose creativity intrigued us. These 8 individuals will be contacted in the next 48 hours, and will be given an opportunity to revise and improve their design. Hopefully with some improvements, we can announce a winner for our contest!

Make no mistake -- we received a lot of excellent entries and designs! That fact that our meeting was 7 hours long is testament to the difficult decision we had to make! We simply did not find logo we were looking for -- one that accurately reflected our business sytle and identity. This is why we are choosing to give our top entries another chance -- we want to work with the designers a bit more to find that perfect logo!