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Logo Design Contest

Posted on August 10, 2004 by Richard Millard

Puget Computers Logo Contest
Ends October 1, 2004


Puget Custom Computers has decided to hold a Logo Design Contest. We need an extreme makeover, and we're turning to you! This is literally a no-holds-barred contest, allowing participants to showcase their creative and designer talents. Design a logo, create a font, and submit it before October 1, 2004, for a chance to win a 64-bit Mini computer system, valued near $1500.00.

We believe that a good logo speaks for a company. We're interested in exciting, professional logos, which really represent the qualities of Puget Custom Computers: Honesty, Friendliness, and Customer Care.

All design elements are up to you. Please see the below submission requirements for what we expect in a submission, and how to submit your design.


Motherboard: Shuttle SN85G4 System
Processor: AMD Athlon-64 3200+
Memory: 1gb, PC3200
Hard Drive: Seagate Barracuda Serial ATA 80GB
Video Card: MSI GeForceFX 5200 128mb
Optical Drive: LiteOn DVD/CDRW
Operating System: Windows XP Home
Warranty: 1-year Puget standard warranty.

Estimated Value near $1500!

Submission Package:

We're looking for a design that's flexible enough to be used in all shapes and sizes. To represent this, we're looking for 3 things in each submission:

1) One 64 x 64 image, featuring your newly designed Logo for Puget Custom Computers
2) One TEXT ONLY image, sampling your new design for our name, using "Puget", "Puget Computers" or "Puget Custom Computers".
3) One 550 x 100 banner, combining both the Logo, and the Text, showcasing how the two work together for a truly synergetic banner.





All images to be formatted in .jpg, .gif, or .png. No animations please.

In order to claim the prize, we will ask for the original, unflattened image files, so that we may have them for any future alterations of our new logo. At the same time, we'll ask for the source of any images used in the creation of our logo, to which the designer must have intellectual ownership. (No copyrighted material!). This means, keep those original files!

Submit all entries via email to logocontest@pugetsystems.com . You should receive an entry confirmation within 24 hours.

Contest Rules:

Submission of an entry into the contest will be considered acknowledgement and agreement to the following rules:

1) Submitted entries will only be displayed on the website at the conclusion of the contest, showcasing top entries. Such entries will include name of the designer. Submitted entries will not be used or displayed in any other manner, with the exception of the winning entry.
2) Submitted entries must be an original work by the author, and may not infringe upon other intellectual or copyrighted material. All submissions must include original image files.
3) In order to claim the contest prize, the winner will relinquish all intellectual and physical ownership of the winning entry to Puget Custom Computers. Puget Custom Computers may alter these images, and use them as they fit.
4) In order to claim the contest prize, the winner will submit to Puget Custom Computers, the raw unflattened image files, so that they may be resized, edited, and used in the future by Puget Custom Computers. To prevent the use of copyrighted material, we also ask that any source images will also be included at this time. All intellectual ownership of said source images must belong to the designer, and be relinquished to Puget Custom Computers upon claiming the prize.
5) Participants are allowed to submit multiple packages. Partial or incomplete packages may be disqualified from the contest.
6) Packages including any objectionable, offensive, or copyrighted material may be disqualified from the contest.
7) Puget Custom Computers is not responsible for any lost or missing submissions. Please keep a working copy of all submissions until the contest date ends on October 1, 2004. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of submission, please contact richard@pugetsystems.com
8) All entries submitted by 12:00pm October 1, 2004, will be judged my the Puget Computers Logo Design Contest Judging Panel. Judges will choose the winning logo based on their own discretion. Puget Custom Computers reserves the right to extend this deadline, if necessary.
9) Contest is open to any U.S. Citizen, excluding those on the Puget Computers Logo Design Contest Judging Panel. Contest void where prohibited.
10) Should none of the entries reach the standard of that we're looking for, Puget Custom Computers does reserve the right to select no winners in this contest. Should this happen, none of the entries will be used by Puget Custom Computers. (However, I'm sure we'll have some amazing entries, and this will be unnecessary).
11) If you have any questions, please contact richard@pugetsystems.com