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New Antec P180/P190 Options

Posted on September 28, 2007 by Jon Bach

We have added some great new options today, centered around our Antec P180 and P190 cases. These are the result of months of hard work, and we're very excited with the new options!

Our first addition is custom made window panels for all our our P180 cases. We're stocking window panels for our black and silver cases, but are also able to provide windows for the mirror finish and gunmetal colors as well. This was a big project for us, as we entered the world of waterjets, computer controlled router machines, and logo etching. We think it looks great!

You can check out more pictures at https://www.pugetsystems.com/featured.php?detail=63 . We'll be updating our website with even better pictures in coming weeks.

Our custom liquid cooled P180 cases have also been a smashing success for us. They are a perfect mix of quiet operation, and great cooling. As such, we're expanding our offering to cover more of your needs and tastes. We now offer the configuration based on the silver P180, but more exciting is that we are also offering the same liquid cooling package based on the Antec P190 case. The solution is just as elegant, but also provides more space for EATX motherboards, more hard drives, and even more radiators if more extreme cooling is needed.

You'll find more pictures of our liquid cooled P190 system at https://www.pugetsystems.com/featured.php?detail=68