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New Benchmark System

Posted on October 31, 2002 by Jon Bach


Current Tools

Right now, the only tool built is one that will graph specific aspects of your system (CPU, memory, hard disk, video) as they compare to the average of all the systems we have built. This is a good start, but it leads in a depressing direction! Since computer technology is evolving so quickly, it means that you can log in at first and see your benchmarks well above the average.then log in a few months later to see them fall well below average! Click here to take a look at a sample of this benchmark reporting.

Future Use

Although the reporting tool is very basic at this time, as we accumulate more and more data, we will be able to do some very useful things. We will be able to make graphs that compare specific components, which we are really looking forward to. To be able to say and have concrete evidence that hard drive 1 is exactly xx% faster than hard drive 2 will be very valuable in our pre-sale consulting. When we get a few hundred system benchmarks in the database, we may even allow you to "virtual benchmark" a system even as you build it on our configuration page! Needless to say, if we do this right, it could literally revolutionize the custom computer process by providing concrete performance comparisons and bringing absolute elimination to all the hype out there!