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New Benchmarking System Launched

Posted on February 27, 2009 by Jon Bach

Puget Systems is pleased to announce a brand new benchmarking system, which we have built from the ground up for use in all our new custom computers. Whereas our old system provided scores that were difficult to put into context, our new system uses real-world programs to provide meaningful numbers that are useful in themselves.

We now provide information such as how fast your hard drive can copy sequential and random data, or how fast your memory can read and write. We believe these types of scores are much more useful to our customers.

For gaming benchmarks, we're now running real world games. We run the games at various resolutions and quality settings, and record the frames per second. This is a universal method of measuring gaming performance, and should prove more useful to our customers.

We have also built our new benchmarking system from the ground up with the ability to quickly and easily add new benchmarks to our process. This means that as new applications or games come out, we can quickly expand our testing to include them. Our goal is to include one major game from each gaming type (FPS, MMORPG, etc) in our benchmarks.

As always, one of the things we do internally is compare your scores to similar systems, in a way to automatically flag any performance issues that need attention. We feel this is a significant improvement to both our benchmarking process, but also our automated quality control.

You can view a sample of our new benchmark results at https://www.pugetsystems.com/included...ist#benchmarks

Please feel welcome to provide feedback! What benchmarks would you like to see? I'm excited that we've built this system to be easy to add to, so look for us to continue to improve it with new tests as time goes on.