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New Configure Tool Launched

Posted on March 24, 2009 by Jon Bach

Our new configuration tool was taken out of beta minutes ago. This new configure page doesn't look like much of a difference on the surface, but underneath it represents a massive code overhaul that will put us in a position to easily add new features in the future.

On the heels of this release, we're already working on adding features. Ones we have in the works:
  • Virtual benchmark scores (based on scores from similar previous machines we've built)
  • More detailed power supply recommendations
  • PCI devices limited to available slots on motherboard
  • Disk drives quantity limited to available space in chassis
  • Dynamic part incompatibility warnings (covers all misc incompatibilities we've cataloged)
  • Show ETA of any parts not in stock, resulting in an estimated build time
  • Virtual acoustical measurements (based on measurements from previous machines)

What features would you like to see on our configure pages?

You can use our new configuration tool at: https://www.pugetsystems.com/configure.php

Please post your feedback here, and if you have any problems, be sure to include which OS and browser you are using. Thanks!