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New Contest -- Hardware Prize!

Posted on November 8, 2004 by Jon Bach

This has *definitely* been a month of website improvement for Puget. Nearly all of the Puget crew has been focusing on updating our website, making it more helpful, adding features, updating links, putting up better pictures, etc. Maybe you've noticed!

Our newest feature is the ability for YOU to help us! Every part that is shown on our website brings up a part information window if you click it. On every one of these pages, you will now see a link that says:

"Do you have a suggestion for this part?"

Click that link, and you can suggest a better manufacturer link, spec correction, or even a better picture of the part!

This is your official call to go out there and improve our website! For every *useful* suggestion we get, your email address will be entered into a monthly drawing for free computer hardware! By "useful", I mean that it must be a suggestion that we actually use...even if you are just pointing out a typo!

On a personal note, I encourage you to find good pictures for us. We're looking for clean looking, OEM pictures.



IE, what we want are good clean pictures of what the product really looks like.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!