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New Featured Systems!

Posted on June 20, 2006 by Richard Millard

Every day we see awesome systems moving through the shop, headed to their happy new homes. We've decided to breathe some new life into our "Featured Systems" page, so everyone can check out some of these great computers.

We'll be now doing weekly updates on the features systems page. We've just added 2 new systems, "Jim's Media Center" and "Coolermaster Stacker in Blue". As you can see, we've gotten a new and improved camera, and really stepped up the quality of our photography.


I'll aim to get the widest variety of systems that I can, covering everything from the ultra-flashy modded systems, to the simple classy desktops and laptops.

If you've ordered a system from us and want to see it featured, just shoot me an email and I'll snap some pictures for you. What more effective way to gloat about your new system to your friends, than sending them a "Featured System" link?