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New Focused Configure Pages

Posted on May 19, 2005 by Jon Bach

As we continue to diversify out product line and add new parts, our configure pages have become larger and larger, and we have been getting some feedback that they are becoming confusing -- too many choices! But we are a custom computer company -- you come to us becuase you WANT a large selection. Those opposing viewpoints are ones we have to deal with in order to best help each customer.

To address this issue, today we rolled out some new features on our configure pages. Now, when you build from scratch, you will be presented with all our options. BUT...if you hit "Customize" on a preconfigured system, the page will only show you the parts best suited for that system. IE, if you customize a gaming system, it will only show you video cards good for gaming. If you customize a server, it won't show you gaming video cards. It is our hope that by focusing our configure pages in this way, we can help cut out the information you don't need, and keep the page clean for as easy a process as possible!

Now, of course, we know you want to be able to choose. What if you DO want a server with a gaming video card? For that, at the top of every configure page, we have a link for you. It reads:

We have limited this page to only show parts we feel are most suitable for the system you have selected. These are the parts that we recommend for best operation based on the intended uses of the machine. If you would like to configure this machine with access to all parts we carry, simply click here!
Hopefully you will all find this a useful feature! I'm very much interested in hearing your feedback and thoughts. Similarly, if you would like us to consider adding a part to any page, just let us know, we'd love to hear your suggestions!